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G-Rollz is a high-quality smoking paraphernalia brand that offers a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of all consumers. Their products are made from premium materials and are designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

G-Rollz is based in Amsterdam, the capital of cannabis, and has become the best choice for consumers looking for exclusive, innovative, modern, and distinctive paraphernalia that does not compromise on quality.

G-Rollz, the smoking paraphernalia brand that has it all

G-Rollz leaves room for imagination and creativity. Their rolling papers, blunts, filters and accessories are available in a wide range of designs, from classic to avant-garde.

Its strong point is undoubtedly the 100% natural, bleach-free rolling papers in all their variants, but its commitment to paraphernalia such as ashtrays and smoking trays is also growing in popularity.

Rock Pets and Bansky, spectacular designs in rolling papers and paraphernalia

G-Rollz Pets Rock collections appeal to those looking for out-of-the-ordinary designs with a touch of humour. These collections present a wide range of animals, from dogs and cats to dinosaurs and aliens. They also customise famous people in animal form, such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, or Snoop Dogg, among others.

Banksy's collections are for an art and graffiti-loving public. These collections present Banksy’s works, which are recognised worldwide as inspired by social claims.

Banksy is a British street artist whose identity remains a mystery. His works, which are often critical of the political and social system, have become a global cultural phenomenon.

Visit G-Rollz online category at alchimiaweb.com to find the perfect products for your next smoking session.

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G-Rollz Dr. Whisk3rz Paper Tips Tray King Slim Paper

We present G-Rollz Dr. Whisk3rz Paper Tips & Tray King Size, a pack of 50 sheets rolling paper with 50 filters and a rolling tray. They feature Dr. Whisk3rs character image wit [...]

  • 50 papers + 50 tips + tray 2.60€

Dr. Whisk3rz King Size Rolling Paper + Tips

Enjoy a touch of style and fun in your smoking sessions with Dr. Whisk3rz King Size Slim papers. These King-Size smoking papers not only bring a smooth and tasty experience, but al [...]

  • 50 papers + 50 tips (Out of stock) 2.20€

Mushroom Lady KS+tips Rolling Paper

G-Rollz presents a rolling paper size L with cardboard tips and a wooden presser. This product has the peculiarity of having a colourful and eye-catching illustration printed on it [...]

  • 50 papers + 50 tips 2.20€

Jackie Chan G-Rollz Tips

Alchimia presents G-Rollz 50 light blue cardboard mouthpieces. On the cover an illustration of a cat in a Jackie Chan costume and pose. G [...]

  • 50 tips 0.70€

Jimi Hendrix G-Rollz KS + tips Rolling Paper

Alchimia presents the G-Rollz rolling paper with an illustration of Jimi Hendrix, perfect accompaniment for smokers who love music in all its forms. Cigarette rolling pape [...]

  • 50 papers + 50 tips 2.20€

Banksy -Panda with Guns- Ashtray by G-Rollz

Banksy “Panda with Guns” Ashtray by G-Rollz, an elegant and functional accessory that combines the quality of the materials with the art of one of the world's most reco [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Neon Hello Kitty Ashtray by G-Rollz

Hello Kitty is an iconic character that has captivated millions of people around the world. Her image is synonymous with tenderness, joy and fun. We present Hello Kitty Neo [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 3.40€

Banksy -Spy Booth- Ashtray by G-Rollz

We present this G-Rollz Ashtray featuring Banksy's "Spy Booth" artwork. It is made from quality metal, ensuring a long life and resistance to falls. It has a built-in QR co [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Banksy -Thug For Life- Tray by G-Rollz

Banksy "Thug For Life" Tray by G-Rollz G-Rollz, the smoking paraphernalia brand has launched a new rolling tray featuring Banksy's bunny, one of the British artist's best [...]

  • Medium (27.5 cm x 17.7 cm) 7.50€

Banksy -Flower Thrower- Tray by G-Rollz

Banksy "Flower Thrower" Tray by G-Rollz, explosion of colour Banksy "Flower Thrower" tray by G-Rollz is a unique and original piece of smoking paraphernalia [...]

  • Medium (27.5 cm x 17.7 cm) 7.50€

Banksy -Soldier Frisked- Ashtray by G-Rollz

We present this G-Rollz Ashtray dedicated to the street painter Banksy. It is made of high-quality metal, a perfect addition to any home or grow space. It is stamp [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Pets Rock Marilyn Diamonds Ashtray by G-Rollz

Pets Rock Marilyn Diamonds Ashtray by G-Rollz is a must-have product for any smoker who has ever been a fan of Queen Marilyn Monroe. Pets Rock Ashtray by G-Rollz, cat with [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Pets Rock Elvis Ashtray by G-Rollz

G-Rollz presents a line of products with animals dressed up as Pop legends. Here offering the Pets Rock Elvis Ashtray. This fun ashtray is made of metal, with the highest q [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Pets Rock Michael Jackson Ashtray by G-Rollz

Pets Rock Michael Jackson Ashtray is now available at Alchimiaweb, the leading cannabis grow shop in Spain. It is offered online or in our physical shop. Other similar ashtrays are [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Bong Illustration Ashtray by G-Rollz

Bong Illustration Ashtray by G-Rollz, is a great item with a beautiful illustration of aglass bong with mushrooms, in a complete synchrony with na [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm (Out of stock) 2.90€

Picnic Illustration Ashtray by G-Rollz

Alchimia presents the Picnic illustration Ashtray by G-Roll, the paraphernalia bran. A beautiful ashtray perfect for any smoker who appreciates art and painting. [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Reflect Illustration Ashtray by G-Rollz

G-Rollz Ashtray with an illustration of a woman in nature This ashtray is made of high-quality metal, and so is the print. It is resistant to falls and rain [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€
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