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GHE BioSevia Growth

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BioSevia from GHE is a complete and 100% biological fertiliser. Its specific composition and excellent solubility make it an easily absorbable plant fertiliser. BioSevia from GHE is used very effectively in fertirrigation and automated irrigation systems . It contains the necessary humic acids to improve the soil condition and increase the nutrient assimilation capacity of the plants, giving the buds a slightly sweet, very nice flavour.

Other biological fertilisers are usually formulated to be slowly degraded in the soil, and some of its components are decomposed in the water, releasing a very unpleasant smell. Over time, these nutrients will clog the drippers and filters.

To be bioponic, a fertiliser must be liquid or perfectly soluble. It mustn't contain large-sized particles, and should be rapidly degraded and removed.

BioSevia from GHE gathers all these criteria.

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