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Master Products is a company that started in 2012 with a focus on medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

Master Products design and manufacture their own equipment, and a market in more than 40 countries. It is a pioneering company with innovative products, working to provide quality in their machinery, totally aimed at professionals.

Master Products was born to facilitate cannabis post-harvest processes and provide solutions for cannabis processing regardless of the type of cultivation and customer needs.

Master Products also offers customised and exclusive products.

Products in its catalogue:

  • Machinery for manicuring (cannabis peelers or trimmers)
  • Bud sorters (by size)
  • Buckers (to separate the stems from the flowers)
  • Separation of seeds from buds

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Master Trimmer DRY 200

Alchimia presents MT Dry 200 by Master Products, an electric trimmer for dry cannabis plants and a Dry Hash extractor. It can process 3.5kg per hour. MR D [...]

  • 2,762.00€

Master Trimmer Tumbler 500 Med presents Master Trimmer Tumbler 500 Med, a professional equipment conceived to facilitate the manicure task for large-scale therapeutic cannabis growers [...]

  • + Standard Leaf Collector (Out of stock) 15,730.00€
  • + Trim Filter (Out of stock) 19,118.00€

Master Bucker 500 De-budding

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Master Bucker by Master Products, a professional electric de-budding intended to facilitate the tasks of selecting bud [...]

  • 8,801.50€

Master Seeds 500 deseeder

Master Seeds 500 is a deseeding machine designed to facilitate the arduous task of separating the seeds from the flowers and leaving them ready fo [...]

  • with vacuum 15,500.00€

Master Trimmer Tumbler 500

MT Tumbler 500 is a bud trimmer designed for large scale production in a short time, trimming large number of buds both wet and dry by simply changing the tumbler. [...]

  • + Standard Leaf Collector (Out of stock) 14,912.00€
  • + Trim Filter Leaf Collector (Out of stock) 18,540.00€

Master Trimmer Professional

Master Trimmer Professional is a bud trimmer intended for professional cultivators. It is designed to facilitate the post-harvesting tasks, simplifying them to the [...]

  • Mod: 50 3,709.00€
  • Mod: 75 6,199.00€

Master Trimmer Gentle automatic trimmer

Now available in the Master Trimmer Gentle bud trimmer, designed to work autonomously, thanks to the drum located on top. This trim [...]

  • Mod. 50 3,104.00€
  • Mod: 75 6,145.00€

Master Trimmer Pocket bag

Collection bag for the Master Trimmer Pocket trimming machine , so you can collect the plant debris from your trim. Now ava [...]

  • 35.00€

Master Trimmer Pocket grid

Replacement grid for the Master Trimmer Pocket electric bud trimmer, which is placed above the blades and allows the leafs to be cut [...]

  • Original 10mm 38.92€
  • 7mm 42.30€
  • Mixed grid (7mm/10mm) 65.00€

Master Trimmer Standard

The trimming machine Master Trimmer Standard has been designed to trim the small leafs from our marijuana buds in a fast and effective way, without generating to [...]

  • Mod: 50 2,126.50€
  • Mod: 75 3,961.50€

Master Trimmer Pocket

Master Trimmer Pocket is the smallest and most quiet trimming machine available in their range of trimmers. It has been designed to efficiently tr [...]

  • 850.70€

Standard Leaf Collector Vacuum

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Standard Leaf Collector Vacuum by Master Trimmer. This unit measures 98cm x 54cm x 130cm and it is compatible with the [...]

  • 1,169.00€

MT Tumbler 200 Pro presents Master Trimmer Tumbler 200 pro by Master Products, an automatic bud trimmer highly efficient and easy to operate. It is p [...]

  • 11,253.00€

Trim Filter Vacuum

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Trim Filter Vacuum, a Master Trimer Tumbler 500 bud trimmer co [...]

  • 4,627.00€

MB Bucker 200 Debudder

Alchimia presents the MB Bucker 200 debudder by Master Products, a machine that separates the flowers from the branches with an equivalent workloa [...]

  • 6,166.00€
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