Nutriculture X-Stream Propagator - 120 plants

Now you can get in Alchimia the aeroponic propagator Nutriculture X-Stream 120 plants, designed to create an extremely oxygen-rich environment, because it generates a constant humidity by creating a myst at the bottom of the cuttings.

This propagator improves the rooting speed of our plants, as it facilitates the creation of a suitable environment for it.

This is thanks to its irrigation system in the bottom of the cannabis cuttings. These are suspended by foam pieces inserted in the 120 holes, so that they withstand them firm but not too tightly.

This irrigation system sprays the root zone with a gentle mist of very low density, allowing the roots to have the amount of water they need with a high oxygen rate, in a balanced way.

This prevents us from having to saturate the water tank with an air pump and an airstone, saving electricity and increasing the process' efficiency.

A transparent cover allows the light to get inside while keeping the moisture, helping to create a pleasant atmosphere for clones. It has vents that can be opened or closed if needed.

The space is divided into 3 trays of 40 holes, allowing you to remove one clone at a time when they are ready for transplantation, while leaving those that are not ready, or to separate different marijuana strains.

Characteristics of Nutriculture propagator X-Stream - 120 plants:

  • Cuttings propagator.
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • Capacity of 120 cuttings.
  • Suspension with foam.
  • 3 trays for 40 cuttings.
  • Transparent lid with ventilation.
  • Dimensions with lid: 117 x 64 x 46 cm.
  • Lid height: 22 cm.
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