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Ostroka Oidy 100ml

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Ostroka Oidy is an organic and ecological fungicide highly effective against cannabis Oidium attacks. This product is now available in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop.

Ostroka Oidy is formulated to eliminate this disruptive fungus both in the growth and in the flowering stage. It contains crude potassium salts which leave no residue in the plant tissues.

Ostroka Oidy, organic and ecological fungicide against Oidium

These salts work by emitting ozone and molecular oxygen which act by preventing the introduction of harmful pathogens and increasing plant resistance.

It completely eliminates the infection focus, creating a film that protects the buds and the leaves thus preventing the development of the fungus and avoiding the proliferation to other plants of your cannabis garden.

The plant is transformed in a hostile environment for the fungus, preventing it to settle, in a totally innocuous and harmless way for both us and the plant itself.

Ostroka Oidy, can be used both growth and flowering stages

Ostroka Oidy acts 100% biologically, it is highly effective against this fungal pest which is known for being difficult to control and eradicate.

Dilute the product in water, 1.5-2.5ml per litre, spraying thoroughly the entire plant at night or at the end of the day when there is little sunlight, or turning off the HPS/MH lamps if cultivated indoors.

If the infestation is very widespread and no improvement is observed in the plant, repeat the treatment in a few days.

Ostroka Oidy 100ml info:

  • Specific organic fungicide to eliminate Oidium
  • Based on crude potassium salts
  • Eliminates the Oidium infection focus, preventing it from proliferating
  • Completely harmless to plants leaving no residue
  • Can be applied at growth and flowering stage
  • Dilute in water 1.5-2.5ml per litre and spray the plant abundant and thoroughly
  • Do not mix with other products containing copper, calcium, amino acids or alkaline elements

Properties of Ostroka Oidy 100ml

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