Ozone generator

Ozone generator

Ozone (O3) is an oxidant gas, a powerful disinfectant and purifier with a lot of applications in fields such as sanitary, industrial, or agricultural. Ozone generators in cannabis cultivation have become a great tool to help remove odours and in the process of disinfection.

Odorless cannabis cultivation with an Ozonator

There are different types of ozone generators. Small devices that plug directly into the power socket, used in small rooms or hallways, and even in the car. And the most effective and sophisticated devices that work by means of ceramic plates, where the air comes through the extractor kit and carbon filter, with 100% effectiveness.

The air removed from the cultivation through the extraction system is conducted to the ozonator, where it transforms the oxygen molecules into ozone molecules, eliminating any odour.

Ozone generator, easy installation, and maintenance

The installation of the ozone generator is not complicated. The air duct diameter must correspond to that of the extractor, respecting the distance of the intermediate pipe according to the manufacturer (normally about 3m). At the other end, the other connection is done to provide an outlet for the purified air to the outside, also respecting the diameter,

To keep the ozone generators in optimal conditions, cleaning is simply required, as they must be kept free of dust (always clean with the equipment disconnected).

It is important to note that the inner ceramic plates of the ozone generator have a life service of 14-18 months and replacing them is a very simple operation.

Ozone generators always work best when accompanied by active carbon filters and anti-odour filters.

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Indizono 3500 mg/h replacement plate

Alchimia offers here the replacement plates for Indizono ozonators, to replace the original ones once they have been used up, after 14 to 18 months of use. [...]

  • 17.00€ 15.30€

Indizono 200mm (7000mg/h) Ozonizer

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Indizono Ozonator 200mm 7000mg/h, designed to easily connect to the ventilation system of indoor grow spaces and effectively neutralise the [...]

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Ozonator Mini Plus

The Ozonator Mini Plus, from King Ozono, is an ozone generator designed to completely eliminate all types of odours, bacteria, fungal spores and viruses in grow rooms of u [...]

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Indizono 250mm (7000mg/h) Ozonator

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Indizono ozoniser 250mm and 7000mg/h, designed to be combined with the air extraction system of indoor cannabis grows, to completely neutralise the [...]

  • 302.00€ 241.60€
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