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Pro-xl Stop Grow

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Stop Grow from Pro-Xl is a new and innovative product, designed to stop the growth of plants while stimulating their flowering, avoiding height issues in indoor cannabis grow rooms.

This growth regulator stops the vertical growth of cannabis plants, making indoor culture much easier. Add 30ml per 5 litre of water, mix it well and spray the plants with a fine mist. Do not touch the roots with it.

We can repeat the process 3-5 days later to achieve best results.

Stop Grow features:

  • Stops vertical growth of plants and stimulates their flowering
  • Cats changing the metabolism from growth to bloom, stimulating and saving up to a week of ripening
  • Made from growth regulators from fish and plant extracts
  • Dosage: 30ml/5l. Spray on plants avoiding contact with the roots. Repeat after 3-5 days.

Opinions about Pro-xl Stop Grow and questions


Micky 08-06-2020
Can anyone vouch for the pro xl stop grow

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 10-06-2020

Hi Micky, thanks for your question and thank you for your patience in waiting for a reply. I've been searching online as well as talking with fellow growers and I'm afraid I can't find any opinions on this product. In some comments I've seen people speculating that it must be a chemical PGR to have the effect it claims to have, but the manufacturers say it is made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients and I'm inclined to believe them.

If you check our article on plant hormones, you'll be able to see that it's not necessary to use chemicals and that natural products can achieve the desired effect. I's also reccomend that you read another of our articles on how to avoid stretching in cannabis plants.

I hope that helps, best wishes and happy growing!


neil 10-02-2017
are there any harmful ingridients in stop grow

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 21-02-2017

Hi Neil,

First of all, sorry for the late reply, it took me some time to finally get the info. Stop Grow is made of fish and plant extracts, no harmful substances in it!

All the best!

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