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Sulphur Burner
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The Sulphur Burner is a perfect device for those who regularly use sulphur in cannabis cultivation. With little effort it keeps the grow room well disinfected, free of fungal spores and insects such as spider mites and thrips. It can be used in closed areas such as grow tents as well as in open rooms.

Sulphur burner for fungi control

There are several ways to apply sulphur to plants, either by sprinkling, mixing with water or by using a sulphur burner. The latter is the best option for optimal plant protection against fungal attacks. Whichever method is used to apply the sulphur, it should always be in micronized form, that is, in very fine particles so that it can be dissolved.

Sulphur acts against fungi from the gases it generates. It changes the surface plant's pH and prevents fungi from settling on it. In addition, it also acts against thrips and red spider mites. Certainly, it is a good product for controlling different pests.

When using sulphur on the cultivation mixed in water and sprayed, it is important to bear in mind that the water temperature must not exceed 30ºC, otherwise it may burn the plants. It should also be noted that when mixed with water it can irritate our skin in case of direct contact and the plant remains very dusty for a long period. To avoid these problems, the sulphur burner is the best choice for its application in the cultivation.

How to use Sulphur Burner

It is very simple and intuitive to apply, just place the sulphur in the bowl, hang the burner 30-40cm away from the plants and turn on the burner.

The burner lights up and reaches 150ºC, at which point it produces not toxic gases for plants, animals or people, as long as it does not reach a maximum temperature of 190ºC, at which point the gas would become toxic for everyone, plants, animals and humans.

It can be used in cultivation enclosures up to 8m2 to disinfect and keep the facilities clean of possible spores that may infiltrate during cultivation.

Do not use the burner for more than 2 hours at a time to avoid excessive sulphur accumulation in small grow rooms. In open spaces, it can be left running until the sulphur load in the deposit is empty, moving it around every 2 hours for a better efficiency. The fans can be left operating for a better gas distribution.

For preventive use it is sufficient to apply it once a week for 1-2 hours. It can be used up to 2 weeks before the plants are ready to harvest. Before use, switch off lighting equipment and extractors.


Do not enter the grow room unless the extractor fans have been switched on for at least 15 minutes and the burner is turned off. In case you have to enter during the treatment, use a safety mask and keep exposure to the gas as short as possible.

Sulphur Burner info:

  • Easy to use
  • Effective against botrytis and powdery mildew, red spider mite and thrips
  • Preventive use: 2 hours per week
  • Use against pests: 1h per day / every day
  • Operative temperature: 150ºC
  • Always use micronized sulphur

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