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Garden Highpro Pearl Pro XL Reflector presents Garden Highpro Pearl Pro XL Professional Reflector. It has been designed to maximise the results of your up to 120cm x 120cm indoor grow tent. This reflector is compatible with 250W, 400W and 600W HM and HPS lamps, and in cul [...]

  • 29.00€ 26.10€

Protube 150L air cooled reflector

Alchimia offers here the Protube air cooled reflector designed by Garden Highpro to decrease the heat emitted by the bulb of our indoor grow room. This tubular reflector provides superior light distribution thanks to the included aluminium wings. T [...]

  • (Out of stock)59.00€ 53.10€

Protube 125M air cooled reflector

Alchimiaweb puts at your disposal one of the best air cooled reflectors on the market today, the Protube by Garden Highpro. This reflector has been designed to dissipate the heat emitted by the bulb of our indoor grow room. With tubular body, it has [...]

  • 39.00€ 35.10€
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Garden HighPro Pearl-Pro MicroDot Aluminum Reflector

Alchimiaweb presents the Pearl-Pro MicroDot Aluminium Reflector by Garden HighPro, a perfect equipment to start indoor cannabis growth. A reflector that offers quality, excellent finishes and a reflection capacity ideal for plants. It is made of alu [...]

  • + standard cable (1.5Mt) to install on the ballast19.00€ 17.10€
  • + Shucko cable to install (energy saving lamp)19.00€ 17.10€
  • + long cable installed (4m) for ballast25.90€ 12.95€
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