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SexBud is a cannabis strain from Female Seeds with a long list of good traits, which gets its name for its stimulant and creative effect, that enhances both sensuality and disinhibition.

It is an improved version of the C99 cannabis variety which mantains its Sativa dominance, developing long and flexible branches with very resinous and hairy buds that give it a tropical appearance.

Its leafs are light green, with thin leaflets, and become bathed in white and shiny trichomes during the flowering phase.

It needs sroun 7-8 weeks to complete its flowering, a very short period considering that it is a Sativa strain that produces excellent harvests, developing most of its buds around its main cola.

The smell and taste are sweet and fruity, with pineapple and grapefruit notes, very pleasant. The effect is euphoric, stimulant and uplifting. As mentioned before, it also enhances our sensuality, impulsivity and disinhibition.

The trichome extractions made from SexBud are very potent, so moderation is advised.

SexBud from Female Seeds features:

  • Genetics: Unknown
  • Type: Feminized seeds
  • Mostly Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 56 days
  • Yield: High
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