Hemplex 250 ml Seaweed - Growth and Bloom

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HEMPLEX from TRABE is a super-concentrated product from collecting fresh seaweed from the Indian Ocean.

100% pure kelp extract (Laminaria sp.)

Manufacturing method: A technique used consisting of breaking the cell without chemical additives, alternating cold and heat.

Obtaining phythormones of high quality, purity and stability is possible through this method.

The bioactive principles from algae stimulate the development of the plant throughout the growth cycle.

Action of HEMPLEX:

  • HEMPLEX is quickly absorbed by the plant, accelerating the metabolism and increasing the availability of nutrients.
  • It increases the development of the flower and resin production.
  • It stimulates the development of secondary roots in the plants, where it is applied.
  • For plants in the flowering period, it improves the development of the flower and the yield of the crop.

HEMPLEX from TRABE is not a fertiliser, it is a formula designed to stimulate all cycles of the plant, in combination with other nutrient solutions.

Dosage of HEMPLEX:

Growth: 2 ml of HEMPLEX per litre of water.

Bloom: 10 ml of HEMPLEX per litre of water.

Apply by spraying all over the plant from 2 weeks into the plant's life, once germinated. Avoid droplets while spraying. Repeat 2 or 3 times at intervals of 3-4 weeks throughout the growth cycle.

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Opinions about Hemplex 250 ml Seaweed - Growth and Bloom and questions


Andrew Droppo 02-05-2018
What is the actual nutrient composition of Hemplex?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 04-05-2018
Hello, Hemplex is 100% Kelp Extract (Laminaria Sp) with NPK : 0,7-1,7-0,3. It contains Auxins, Cytokinin, Betaine.

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