TRABE Soilhemp Biologic rooter

TRABE Soilhemp Biologic rooter
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SOILHEMP is an organic nutrient of viscous appearance, prepared from specially treated brown algae, mixed with carbohydrates of high molecular weight (biosacarides) and montmorillonite clay colloids.

SOILHEMP forms, when soaking the roots in it, a semi-permeable membrane of polyuronides on their surface, allowing for maximum adherence to the ground. This helps the plant, after being transplanted, to absorb water and nutrients immediately.

It also stimulates the formation of new roots immediately.

SOILHEMP can also be used as an extra aid to increase root growth of transplanted plants.

SOILHEMP reduces plant mortality, both for new plants and transplanted plants as well as reducing operation and labour costs.

Trabe Soilhemp instructions of use:

  • For transplants: Dilute 1ml Soilhemp in 60ml water and soak the root ball before transplanting
  • For pots: Dilute 1ml Soilhemp in 1 litre of water
  • For cuttings: Soak the cutting in pure Soilhemp for a few seconds and plant it

Trabe Soilhemp composition:

Alginic extracts 20%, Polysaccharides 18%, Montmorillonite colloids, Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, D6, K, Cytokinins and plant hormones: 300 mg/kg, CIC: 22.000 meq/100 g, N 160 ppm, Ca 20.000 ppm, P 1480 ppm, Mg 910 ppm, Fe 910 ppm, K 9,2%, B 200 ppm, Mn 22 ppm, Cu 7,5 ppm

Properties of TRABE Soilhemp Biologic rooter

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