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The Hype presents AF, a new product within its Guardian fitosanitary range. This product is specially formulated for the control and eradication of the White Fly. By means of MJ-SHIELD technology, The Hype has developed a series of products which stimulate the plant's auto-immune defences. At the same time these products activate the metabolic pathways, strengthening the plant's defences against any kind of stress.

AF is a 100% organic product, made with organic compounds from microbial fermentation. It is undoubtedly a safe product for plants, growers and of course for the environment!

Elicitors activate the induction and increase of the plant's defensive response to adverse weather conditions or stress caused by pests or diseases. These molecules activate the defenses by capturing sources of potential danger to the plant, activating its diverse metabolic pathways to better withstand stress.

In addition to a better pest control and management, we obtain healthier and stronger plants, ready to focus all the energy in an abundant flowering. Undoubtedly thanks to AF which provides an extra help in the plant defences.

The Hype AF dosage

AF is recommended for use during the entire plant cultivation as a pest preventive and general strengthener.

  • Foliar: 2ml/l (it is important to spray the product with low light intensity or to turn off the lamps in indoor cultivation)
  • Irrigation: 2ml/l

The Hype AF composition

  • 98% MJ-SHIELD formula
  • 2% Manganese (Mn)

Properties of AF

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