Big Bud Coco

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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Big Bud Coco by Advanced Nutrients, an effective stimulator specially formulated for growing in coconut fibre. It is designed for the flowering stage, with the perfect phosphorus and potassium ratio needed for an explosive bud production.

Big Bud helps to intensify the new shoots formation, so that the plant has everything it needs to develop the structure to support the buds. In addition, it contains several other chelated elements to prevent the most common deficiencies in coconut-based cultivation.

Larger and heavier flowers with a higher cannabinoids and terpenes content are obtained thanks to Big Bud and its unique formula; particularly in combination with one of Advanced Nutrients' pH Perfect technology base fertilisers, such as Sensi Coco Bloom A+B or Connoiseur Coco Bloom A+B.

Big Bud Coco is normally used from the second flowering week until the fifth week. From then on, it is replaced by a PK supplement with a higher phosphorous and potassium content in order to achieve more volume and final weight.

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco dosage and directions for use:

  • 2ml per litre of water from the second flowering week until the beginning of the fifth week (can be used until the final root flush if only used as a PK supplement)
  • Formulated for use in conjunction with a base bloom fertiliser

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco info:

  • Flowering stage booster
  • NPK: 0-4-4
  • Increased flower size and density
  • Formulated for growing in coco fibre
  • 1L bottle

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco composition:

  • 4.0% phosphate
  • 4.0% potassium oxide
  • 1.0% sulphur
  • 1.0% calcium
  • 0.5% magnesium
  • 0.1% iron

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