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Alchimia presents Carboload by Advanced Nutrients, a supplement based on carbohydrates and sugars that provide plants with all the necessary energy for an abundant production of compact and dense flowers.

By using Carboload, we obtain a higher terpenes production, which increases flavour and aroma quality. In addition, heavier flowers and higher yields during harvest.

Carboload also nourishes microbial life colonies in the growing medium, it is recommended to use in case of applying products like Tarantula or Piranha of the same brand.

Its organic formulation can be combined with all types of substrates and base nutrients, whether they are soil fertilisers (e.g.: Iguana Juice) or mineral fertilisers (e.g.: Sensi Bloom A+B). Thus, it is very useful in organic cultivation on soil as well as in hydroponics or in coconut.

Carboload ingredients are also present in the Bud Candy formula, so it is important not to mix both products. It is recommended to use this product during the whole flowering stage until the final root washing. It can certainly be mixed with other base nutrients and additives.

Advanced Nutrients Carboload dosage and directions for use:

  • 1ml per litre of water during the first 2-3 weeks of flowering
  • 2ml per litre of water until the final washout stage. Do not exceed this dosage

Advanced Nutrients Carboload info:

  • Carbohydrate based supplement
  • Denser and more compact flowers
  • Improved flavour and aroma
  • Supports beneficial microbial life in the soil
  • Suitable for the flowering stage

Advanced Nutrients Carboload composition:

  • Glucose 12
  • Xylose 8%
  • Xanthan gum 0.45%
  • Water 79.55%

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