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Early Girl
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Early Girl

Early Girl, from Sensi Seeds, is a mostly Indica hybrid, medium sized, a high yielder that ripens in 50-60 days. Robust and resistant, it will delight all lovers of relaxing plants. Already available in Alchimiaweb.

Created to be the earliest outdoor indica marijuana variety from the seedbank, we are also facing a genetics that provides great results even in colder climates.

Renowned since the 80's for its great features, its growth is compact, covering - at most - one or two square feet when planted in the ground. It is really easy to grow if it has enough light, water and basic nutrients.

This makes it highly advisable for novice growers and also for terrace and balcony crops, since it produces a large amount of flowers despite being a small plant.

Its gene pool comes from Afghanistan and northern India - which are responsible for transmitting to Early Girl its Indica traits - while a Mexican ancestor gives it a bright touch of cannabis sativa , which adds potency to the effect.

Its structure is bushy and branched, with low branches almost reaching the main one if not pruned. The upper branches grow short, joining the large central tail, which accumulates the highest bud production.

This makes it suitable for both SOG and SCROG systems, depending on our needs and features of our growing room/tent.

Its effect is relaxing, soft, long lasting, making you reach a peaceful state of mind. The aroma is sweet, like exotic hashish, offering a dense and tasteful smoke.

Early Girl from Sensi Seeds properties:

  • Regular marijuana
  • 75% Indica - 25% Sativa
  • Genetics: Afghanistan x Northern India x Mexico
  • Flowering: 50-60 days
  • Production: Medium-High
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