Portable E-rig Dabton V2 by Graveda

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Alchimia presents the portable electronic dab rig Dabton V2, a device for vaporising cannabis extractions such as BHO or Rosin, in the most efficient way possible, available online now in our concentrate vaporiser catalogue.

Erig Dabton V2 is a device that was designed in Germany by the Graveda brand in collaboration with VinceANDwe (VAW) who took care of the optimisation of the glass joints as well as Eurobuds.

Graveda Dabton V2, portable dab rig to vaporise Rosin, Bho or Wax

The Erig Dabton V2 was designed by lovers of cannabis extracts for lovers of cannabis extracts. This means that the device will meet consumers' demands, vaporising extractions efficiently and performing dabs on the go while enjoying excellent water filtration and total respect for flavours.

The device offers a heating system composed of a titanium heating plate which heats the chamber in which the consumer places the dab. Titanium or glass receptacles can be employed, according to the preferences of each user, in both cases they come in XXL size to allow more generous-sized dabs.

Electronic Rig Graveda Dabton V2, efficient and easy to clean

The bubbler is based on the Erig Dabton V2 base and offers a very efficient water filtration system, thanks to the large quantity of water it holds you can enjoy very smooth and flavourfull vapour hits. It is simple to connect to the base and can be cleaned very easily with hot water and a little alcohol. Even the stainless steel air passage system can be removed from the unit to facilitate cleaning.

The energy required to operate the Graveda Erig Dabton V2 is supplied by two replaceable Li-Ion 18350 800mAh batteries. It is possible to recharge the vaporiser using the USB C cable in just 45-minutes. This makes it possible to enjoy long dab sessions vaporising cannabi concentrates while enjoying full freedom of movement.

Features Graveda Erig Dabton V2 portable vaporiser:

  • Cannabis concentrate vaporiser
  • 2x Replaceable battery 18350
  • Atomiser with titanium heating plates
  • Temperature adjustable by degrees
  • USB C charge and fast charge (45 minutes)
  • Large amount of water for excellent filtration
  • Very easy to clean

E-rig Graveda Dabton box content:

  • 1x Base Erig Dabton V2
  • 2x 800mAh Li-ion battery
  • 1x Glass “Bubbler Attachment”
  • 1x Atomiser
  • 1x Glass “Carb Cap”
  • 1X Cover for atomiser
  • 2x titanium receptacle
  • 2x glass receptacle
  • 1x USB C cable
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • 1x Dabber

Accessories of Portable E-rig Dabton V2 by Graveda

Erig Dabton atomizer

Erig Dabton atomizer

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