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Fraggle Skunk Auto

Fraggle Skunk Auto from the seed bank of Philosospher Seeds presents itself as one of the new strains of 7th generation, high quality automatic marijuana, vigorous, with potency and psychoactive, all in just 70-90 days from germination.

This is an automatic feminised marijuana plant created from a Low Ryder cannabis plant, used to acquire the automatic gene, and crossed with a classic jewel of the Old School cannabis, the Super Skunk, a selection made in 1999.

This automatic plant has vigorous growth seeing the plant reach up to 1.20m tall and becoming a productive marijuana plant.

The high productivity is due to the large number of side branches which it is capable of creating during its vegetative period, after which it takes the form of a Christmas tree, large in size as it is an automatic plant.

To be eligible for the best results and to optimise their production, Alchimiaweb recommends using 20L pots, planting the seed directly in a jiffy then, once the cotyledons open, transplant to the final pot.

As for its cultivation, Alchimia Grow Shop emphasise the importance of water, with little water at first to control soil moisture and facilitate root expansion and the growth of the upper part of the plant.

Indoors, for large plants it is advisable to use a photoperiod of 20/4h obtaining 1m tall plants with an yield of 500-600 g per m2 in no more than 90 days from germination.

Grown in smaller spaces we can choose to reduce the size of the pot and the amount of daylight hours 12/12h throughout the growth obtaining more plants and maintaining the marijuana to fit our small cultivation space.

In bloom we can see how it creates large, compact buds, filled with a thick layer of resin that even coats the leaves close to the stem and makes it ideal for making Premium hashish with leftovers that will not be consumed.

As for its aromas and taste we highlight the quality organoleptic characteristics among which is a great sweet and fruity background with traces reminiscent of Super Skunk, transporting us to the Old School flavours, so prized that they remain in the mouth for a long time.

As for the effect, it contains a balanced amount of cannabinoids with balanced and equitable levels of THC and CBD that make Fraggle Auto Skunk an excellent choice for relaxing, easing the stresses generated during the day. It can be used for other therapeutic uses associated with the marijuana plant, including as an anti-inflammatory.

Characteristics of Fraggle Auto Skunk

  • Genetics: Super Skunk x LowRyder
  • Indoor yield: 500-600 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 100 gr per plant
  • THC content: 18%
  • CBD level: low
  • Harvest Indoor: 70-90 days
  • Outdoor harvest: March to October
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