Garden fertilisers

Garden fertilisers

Neudorff Universal Fertilizer

Neudorff's natural fertiliser is a product made from beet pulp, thus 100% of vegetable origin. It provides the essential nutrients and microelements for optimal growth and development. It is an ideal fertiliser for all types of ornamental plants and [...]

  • 1L7.19€ 6.47€

Canna Orchid Special

Alchimia presents Canna Orchid Special, a fertiliser specially formulated to increase orchid growth and prolong flowering. It is formulated with pure nutrients and chelates. Presented in 100% recyclable PVC and cadmium free packaging. Canna Orchid S [...]

  • 500 ml9.92€ 6.94€
  • 1L17.05€ 11.94€

Canna Aromatic Herbs Special

Alchimia presents Canna Aromatic Herbs Special, a very easy to use fertiliser formulated to enhance aromatic and culinary plants. This product increases the plant organoleptic properties and its development. Canna Aromatic Herbs Special, a fertilise [...]

  • 500 ml (Out of stock)9.65€
  • 1 L17.12€ 11.98€

Orchid Myst Repotting Kit

Orchid Myst Repotting Kit is a pack of fertilizers for orchids designed to give you everything your plants need since the first time, and so you can make emerge again their beautiful flowers. Including a transparent pot of 13cm in diameter, which co [...]

  • 12.00€ 7.20€

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