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3D Grinders DryKiper 710 Wax Black

3D Grinders presents here DryKiper, a canister built with a 3D printer and made of biodegradable vegetable-based plastic (PLA). A practical canister design [...]

  • Rosin White 15.00€ 10.50€
  • Bubble Hash Pink 15.00€ 10.50€

Raw Limited Edition Crystal Glass Rolling Tray

Alchimia presents this rolling tray made of transparent crystal glass in a Limited Edition by Raw, a perfect model for home and rolling in the most comfortable way, now available a [...]

  • Mini 18.90€
  • Large (Out of stock) 45.00€
UP TO 5%

Anti-odour backpack Revelry The Escort

Alchimia presents The Escort by Revelry, an anti-odour backpack perfect for carrying odorous elements unnoticed, accompanying you on the go. The Escort by Revelry, absolut [...]

  • Crosshatch Grey (Out of stock) 96.00€
  • Sage 105.00€ 99.75€
  • Marino (Out of stock) 105.00€ 99.75€


Alchimia presents the MIQRO-C vaporiser by DaVinci, a premium compact size device for flowers and extracts with an elegant design. very intuitive and easy to use. [...]

  • Yellow (Out of stock) 99.00€
  • Black 99.00€
  • Blue 99.00€
  • Pink/Magenta 99.00€

Vita Vaporiser - Handy Vapers

Vita Vaporiser by Handy Vapers is the perfect solution for those looking for a high-quality dry herb vaporising experience without comprom [...]

  • (Out of stock) 60.00€

RAW Smoking Tray - Medium

Alchimia welcomes these RAW rolling trays, ideal to roll your cannabis joints and keep your smoker accessories tidy. [...]

  • 8.50€ 8.05€
UP TO 10%

DaVinci MIQRO presents the DaVinci MIQRO, the evolution of the DaVinci IQ vaporiser. It stands out for o [...]

  • Purple / Amethyst (Out of stock) 79.99€ 71.95€
  • Orange / Rust (Out of stock) 79.99€ 71.95€
  • Blue / Cobalt 79.99€ 71.95€
  • Silver / Graphite (Out of stock) 79.99€
  • Black / Onyx (Out of stock) 79.99€
UP TO 30%

3D Grinders Extractera

Alchimia presents the 3D Grinders Extractera, a canister specially designed to house and protect the classic glass jars used to store [...]

  • Weed Porn Blue 6.50€ 4.55€
  • Rosin White (Out of stock) 6.50€
  • Icelator (Out of stock) 6.50€
  • Bubble Hash Pink (Out of stock) 6.50€
  • 710 Wax Black (Out of stock) 6.50€

Neon Hello Kitty Ashtray by G-Rollz

Hello Kitty is an iconic character that has captivated millions of people around the world. Her image is synonymous with tenderness, joy and fun. We present Hello Kitty Neo [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 3.40€

Alchimia Vintage Oatmeal T-shirt

The 20th anniversary commemorative t-shirt of Alchimia is now available in limited edition. It's a special version where we look back to the first logo use [...]

  • Size L 18.00€
  • Size XL 18.00€
  • Size M 18.00€
  • 18.00€
UP TO 10%

Dollar Bling Bling 4-part Grinder - 50mm

We present the Dollar Bling Bling Grinder, made of metal, with a size of 50 mm and a built-in pollinator at the base. The design shows its [...]

  • Space travel (Out of stock) 14.00€ 12.60€
  • Bling Bling Dollar 15.00€

Banksy -Thug For Life- Tray by G-Rollz

Banksy "Thug For Life" Tray by G-Rollz G-Rollz, the smoking paraphernalia brand has launched a new rolling tray featuring Banksy's bunny, one of the British artist's best [...]

  • Medium (27.5 cm x 17.7 cm) 7.50€

Flowermate Aura Vaporiser Pen

Alchimia presents Aura by Flowermate, an ultra-portable vaporiser designed with medical grade materials. It has an insulated circuit and a ceramic chamber with seven heat jets, ens [...]

  • 79.95€

SPLIF STIK Chrome - Smoking filter

SPLIF STIK filter pipe (10 cm) is by far the best FILTER for smokers who want to minimize the health risks involved in smoking while enjoying a pleasant [...]

  • Chrome 35.00€

Raw Rolling Tray - Small

These RAW rolling trays are already available in Alchimia Grow Shop. They are made of resistant [...]

  • 6.50€ 5.85€

World of Seeds Gift Pack - 6 seeds - World of Seeds

Alchimiaweb presents exclusively together with World Of Seeds, an incredible Gift Pack only available this Christmas. An ideal gift for fans of autochthonous strains. This Gift Pac [...]

  • Size L (Out of stock) 28.50€
  • Size XL 28.50€
  • Size XXL 28.50€
  • Size M 28.50€

Unikorn Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

We present the Unikorn Silicone Bong, the perfect gift without a doubt for any smoker. This bong is made of BPA free food grade silicone [...]

  • Rainbow 48.00€

Kube Silicone bong by Piecemaker

The Kube silicone bong by Piecemaker is an innovation in every way, and it glows in the dark! This bong made of food grade silicone [...]

  • 59.00€

Kwak Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

Alchimiaweb is delighted to present the best friend to join you in the bathtub. The Kwak Silicone Bong by Piecemaker, in the shape of a duck that brings to mind th [...]

  • Yellow 39.00€
  • Kamo 39.00€

K9 Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

We are happy to present K9 by Piecemaker, a practical yet amusing silicone bong, manufactured in the shape of a balloon dog. Now available in the [...]

  • Yellow 69.00€

Kolt Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

The Piecemaker Kolt is a fun, colourful and unbreakable silicone bong that's highly practical and perfect for any situation and is especially convenient for travel [...]

  • Miss Pinky (Out of stock) 23.00€

Puffco The Cupsy

Puffco presents here The Cupsy. A revolutionary bong that brings the potential to consume cannabis anywhere . It offers a great design, with a shape [...]

  • 75.00€

Jet Flash Smoking System

Now at Alchimia Grow Shop is the Jet Flash bubbler pipe, which allows you to get the best flavour from your marijuana thanks to its vortex, which will spin up concentrating smoke flavour and densit [...]

  • (Out of stock) 62.00€

CANNARELAX - Hemp pillow - 90 cms

CANNARELAX pillow, made with 100% ecological materials. Dimensions: 90 x 35 cm. Non-deformable / Antiallergic / Ergonomic / Anti-Mites / Athermic [...]

  • 90.00€
UP TO 5%

Raw Smoker Ring

We present the Raw smoker ring, the latest accessory for smokers who love video games. It allows you to hold your cannabis cigarettes without having to take your hand off the game [...]

  • Size 10: Ø 21mm 45.00€ 42.75€
  • Size 9: Ø 20mm (Out of stock) 45.00€

Cannabuds Shot Glasses (4 units)

Shot glasses decorated with a cannabis motif. Each glass is decorated with a different "cannabud" (Don Cannabinol, Bubblez, Skinner and The Doctor), [...]

  • 18.00€

Dank 420 glass jar with hygrometer

We present in our catalogue at the Dank 420 hermetic glass jars with hygrometer. They are ideal for an optimal curing of our [...]

  • 72x70mm (Out of stock) 9.90€

Smokus Focus Premium Jar

Alchimia Grow Shop introduces Premium Smokus Focus Jar, designed to conserve the fruits of our cannabis harvest and eas [...]

  • Green color 49.90€ 47.40€
UP TO 15%


SpaceVac containers have been designed to store small amounts of cannabis or resin extracts and keep them away from light sources and air th [...]

  • Green 6.80€
  • Transparent 6.80€ 5.75€
  • Red 6.80€ 5.75€
  • Transparent Black 6.80€ 5.75€
  • Black (Out of stock) 6.80€
  • White (Out of stock) 6.80€ 5.75€
  • Blue (Out of stock) 6.80€ 5.75€
  • Yellow (Out of stock) 6.80€
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