OTTO Automatic Grinder / Roller

Alchimiaweb.com presents OTTO Automatic Grinder and Smart cone filling machine by Banana Bros. It is designed to facilitate the buds crushing without wasting a grass milligram of your cannabis harvest.

This intelligent grinder is designed to make quick and easy preparing your cannabis cigarettes, filling your borosilicate bongs, vaporisers or pre-rolled cones.

OTTO Automatic Grinder, with AI to control the grass grinding

It has a blades system controlled by artificial intelligence, which adapts the pressure and rotation direction to the bud density, thus offering an efficient crushing.

We can ensure the grass will burn homogeneously when smoked, our cigarettes will not be easily extinguished, the compacted grass will be optimal and the experience will greatly pleasant. We will enjoy each puff to the maximum.

It operates easily, opening the device and placing a bud of our cannabis harvest, then close it and maintain pressed the button so that the chopped cannabis falls by the lower part.

OTTO Automatic Grinder/Roller machine, you can fill your pre-rolled cones

With the pre-rolled cone accessory in place, the grass falls directly into the pre-rolled paper, getting a cigarette ready to enjoy in just 20 seconds, and avoiding dirtying around and wasting cannabis.

It is recommended to give small taps with the grinder on the table during the filling, so that the grass compacts well, otherwise we have to compact it at the end and refill the remained pre-rolled cone free space.

If we want to chop the grass to smoke it in a bong or in a cannabis vaporiser, we remove the pre-rolled cones adapter placing the OTTO grinder directly on the bowl to fill, operating the grinder as explained before.

Prepare bowls or blunts with the OTTO automatic grinder/roller machine

If we prefer to use the grinder to prepare blunts or cigarettes manually, we use it the same way, dropping the grass on the rolling paper and distributing it carefully.

The battery is fully charged and ready to use in just 45 minutes. It is charged by USB (charge cable included) and has an autonomy to grinder about 20 bowls.

The maintenance of this device is simple, it is enough to brush the blades area (brush included) after each use, removing the remains accumulated and possible resin stickers.

OTTO Automatic Grinder/Roller machine info:

  • Automatic grass shredder
  • IA controls the rotation and pressure of the blades, to achieve a homogeneous crushing.
  • Adapter to fill normal pre-rolled cones or King Size
  • Adapter to fill bongs or vaporiser cups
  • Grinds grass in 20 seconds
  • It has an autonomy of 20 cups
  • Battery charged in 45 minutes by USB 

OTTO Automatic Grinder/Roller machine includes:

  • 1x OTTO Automatic Grinder
  • 1x Adapter for pre-rolled cones
  • 1x Adapter for filling cups
  • 1x lower grinder cover
  • 1x Cleaning tool
  • 20x Pre-rolled cones for Otto
  • 1x Hermetic tube to keep grass or a pre-rolled cigarettes
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Measuring jar with exact grass measurement of pre-rolled cone
  • 1x Warranty and user manual
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