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Kannimals Silicone Bongs Set by Piecemaker

We present you this set of three silicone bongs by Piecemaker. These bongs, also sold separately, are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to smo [...]

  • Kwack+K9+Unikorn 156.00€ 140.40€

Large soda can with compartment

Alchimia presents the 330ml Coca Cola can in an elongated design, created to conceal a hidden space inside for storing personal items, jewellery, money, or [...]

  • 330ml/90ml (Out of stock) 13.00€

Orange Fanta Can with Compartment

Orange Fanta soft drink can with an elongated 330ml design, with a concealed space inside. It is very effective for concealing small personal items [...]

  • 330ml/90ml 13.00€

Schweppes tonic stash can

Schweppes tonic can in 33cl format, elongated, with a camouflaged concealment compartment inside. This can is perfect for hiding personal items [...]

  • 330ml/90ml 13.00€

Amstel Beer Stash Can

Amstel 500 ml Beer concealment can with compartment, ideal for safeguarding any small object out of sight of unauthorised persons. It has a lower p [...]

  • 500ml/200 ml 16.00€

Axe Stash Can

Alchimia presents this 150ml Axe deodorant with a secret stash compartment. This clever stash-can mimics a deodorant spray, emulating shape, weight and fin [...]

  • 150ml/90 ml (Out of stock) 18.00€

V-Tower Vaporiser - Arizer

Presenting the V-Tower Vaporiser, a reliable choice for those who want to get the best out of their dry herbs. This vaporiser offers a high-quality vaporising experience thanks to [...]

  • (Out of stock) 129.00€

Pax Plus Vaporiser

Pax Plus is an elegant and sophisticated vaporiser. It is the result of 10 years of development by this US manufacturer. An ideal vaporiser for herbs and concentrates, available in [...]

  • Onyx 199.00€
  • Sage 199.00€
  • Periwinkle 199.00€
  • Elderberry 199.00€

Leonardo Vaporiser - Handy Vapers

Leonardo Vaporiser by Handy Vapers is the perfect choice for cannabis lovers looking for an exceptional dry herb vape experience. It is designed with a foo [...]

  • 80.00€

DaVinci IQ

One of the market leaders and widely recognised for the high quality of their vaporisers, Da Vinci have continued to innovate with their products and are ready to present their lat [...]

  • Gray (Out of stock) 227.00€ 215.65€

Pax Mini Vaporizer

Alchimia presents Pax Mini, a small, elegant and simple vaporiser to get the most out of your buds in the healthiest way. It is available in two colours, Onyx and Silver. P [...]

  • Silver 149.00€
  • Onyx 149.00€

Jilter Glass Pipe

Jilter presents in Alchimiaweb its new borosilicate glass pipe for smoking Tobacco or weed, designed for using it with the Jilter Filters. Thus, besides of [...]

  • 25.00€ 22.50€

Tinymight 2 weed Vaporiser

We present the Tinymight 2 cannabis vaporiser, a perfect choice for beginners and veteran vaporisers alike. It is a strong and elegant looking vaporiser, with [...]

  • 349.00€

Reflect Illustration Ashtray by G-Rollz

G-Rollz Ashtray with an illustration of a woman in nature This ashtray is made of high-quality metal, and so is the print. It is resistant to falls and rain [...]

  • Ø: 13.5 cm 2.90€

Sweet Seeds Gift Pack - Sweet Seeds

We present this great Gift Pack, a collaboration between Sweet Seeds and Alchimiaweb, ideal for any cannabis cultivation. It includes three packs of seeds and [...]

  • 9 seeds 49.95€
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