Kokopelli Green Climbing Melon

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Kokopelli Green Climbing Melon is an ancient and fascinating cucumis melo variety. The fruits it produces are wonders of nature, usually weighing between 500-800g. Their appearance is a real pleasure to behold with their richly embroidered dark green skin. However, the real magic lies in their flesh, which is bright green and offers an incredibly tender texture. When you slice them, you will be instantly won over by their juiciness and natural sweetness.

To cultivate these delicacies, it is recommended to start sowing in pots about six weeks before planting in open ground. The ideal temperature for seedlings is between 20 and 25°C. Once the last frosts have passed, the young plants can be transplanted into the ground. The planting holes should be enriched with compost and spaced approximately 1 metre apart. However, if conditions permit, direct sowing in open ground can also be considered, when the soil is not cold and night temperatures do not fall below 15°C.

Melons love light and warmth. It needs plenty of sun to reach maturity before frost arrives. Planting times vary depending on whether cultivation is under cover or in the ground, with options ranging from March to May. The harvest period is a joyful time stretching over several months, from July to October.

Soil preference is for chalky, humus, warm, rich, well-drained and light soils. All these conditions allow the melon to flourish fully. Its growth is crawling, which means that the plants develop crawling stems that require some space to spread out.

Kokopelli Green Climbing Melon is an exceptional melon variety, both in appearance and flavour. Cultivation requires patience and care, but the reward is certainly worth it when tasting these delicious, juicy fruits with light green flesh, reminiscent of summer sunshine.

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