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We at Alchimia are proud to expand our catalogue of gardening and horticultural seeds. We are now incorporating Kokopelli Association seeds.

What is the Kokopelli Association?

The Kokopelli Association is a French seed brand founded in 1999 by Dominique Guillet (also known as Xochi), Sofy Guillet and Jocelyn Moulin. This brand specialises in the conservation and sale of organic, replicable, and royalty-free seeds. Some of the varieties are considered under risk of extinction.

They have a large professional network of growers/multipliers, with a great quality control team that ensures seeds with a germination power above the standards.

This brand enjoys a high reputation thanks to the diversity of high-quality seeds, including rare and local varieties. They offer a wide range of vegetables, cereals, flowers and aromatic plants seeds. Kokopelli prides itself on using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices at all stages of seed production and processing.

Traceability, transparency, and militancy

Each seed package is provided with a QR code that indicates who has produced the seeds, as well as the last germination test conducted on the batch. Traceability and transparency are the core values of the Kokopelli Association.

The association is also known for its work defending farmers' rights and fighting against the monopolization of seeds and food by large agribusiness corporations.

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Hopi Tobacco

Hopi Tobacco

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Xanthi Tobacco

Xanthi Tobacco

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Tiger Melon - Melon Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Tiger Melon (Kokopelli) from Armenia. This plant produces melons of about 250-500g, completely round and 15-20cm in diameter. This parti [...]

  • 25 seeds 3.40€

Kajari Melon - Kokopelli - Melon Seeds

Kajari Melon characteristics Kajari Melon is an old variety native to the PunJab region of India. It is famous for producing beautiful, round, an [...]

  • 25 seeds 3.40€

Sfumata Di Rosa Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

Sfumata di Rosa is an aubergine native to the Campania region in Italy. It is a medium-large size aubergine with an oval shape and slightly flattened at both ends. [...]

  • 30 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Hopi Tobacco - Tobacco seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Hopi Tobacco from kokopelli, a variety used by the Hopi tribe in their ceremonies. They consider it as a means to communicate with t [...]

  • 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Royal Golden Watermelon - Watermelon seeds

Royal Golden Watermelon characteristics Royal Golden Watermelon was selected in the 1960s by the Willhite seed company (Poolville, Texas, US). It became available thanks [...]

  • 15 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Piacenza Round Courgette - Other garden seeds

Kokopelli Piacenza Round Courgette characteristics Kokopelli's Piacenza Round Zucchini seeds are now available in our catalogue at Alchimia. A dark coloured, roun [...]

  • 12 seeds 3.40€

Costa Rica 589 Tobacco - Tobacco seeds

Alchimia presents together with Kokopelli Association partnership Costa Rica 589, an old tobacco variety characterised by its resistance to cold weather. I [...]

  • 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Rheinau Gold Zucchini - Other garden seeds

Rheinau Gold Courgette properties, a delicacy both raw and cooked The golden courgette or yellow courgette is a Curcubita pepo variety that produces many elongated, yello [...]

  • 12 seeds 3.40€

Kokopelli Green Climbing Melon - Melon Seeds

Kokopelli Green Climbing Melon is an ancient and fascinating cucumis melo variety. The fruits it produces are wonders of nature, usually weighing between 500-800g. [...]

  • 25 seeds 3.40€

Dewako One Bite Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

Dewako One Bite Aubergine is a variety of Japanese origin (Dewako, Yamagata, Japan), It owes the name to the small size that makes it possible to eat it in [...]

  • 30 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Spaghetti Squash - Pumpkin Seeds

Kokopelli Spaghetti Squash, a very peculiar pumpkin Spaghetti Squash (Pepo curcubita) is a very old variety from the Manchurian region of north- [...]

  • 12 seeds 3.40€

Purple Perfume Tobacco - Tobacco seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Purple Perfume Tobacco by Kokopelli Association. This variety is usually cultivated at the edge of or at the fringe of vegetable gardens to attract pol [...]

  • 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato - Tomato seeds

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye is a variety of tomato native to Berkeley (California) and produced by Kokopelli.. It is a cross between Cherokee Purple and Gre [...]

  • 35 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€ 2.70€

Sikkim Cucumber - Other garden seeds

Sikkim Cucumber, origin The Sikkim cucumber, also known Cucumis sikkimensis, is a perennial climbing plant from the Cucurbit family. It is native to the Himalayan mountai [...]

  • 25 seeds 3.40€

Japanese Pickling Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

The Japanese Pickling Aubergine, also known as nasu no asazuke in Japanese, is an aubergine native to Japan. It is used in pickles, and is delicious grill [...]

  • 30 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Kaleidoscopic Jewel Tomato - Tomato seeds

Kaleidoscopic Jewel tomato is a variety created by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms in Napa, California and produced by Kokopelli (France). It is highly valued by tom [...]

  • 35 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Xanthi Tobacco - Tobacco seeds

We are pleased to include the Xanthi tobacco variety from the Kokopelli association in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. It is a variety native to the Greek city of Xanthi. It is characte [...]

  • 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Golden Harvest Tobacco - Tobacco seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Golden Harvest Tobacco seeds by Kokopelli Association. It is a variety developed in the 70s by the Coker Seed Company. It is characterised by a [...]

  • 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Thai White Ribbed Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

Kokopelli Association presents the ancient Thai White Ribbed Aubergine, a Thai variety recovered before 1812 by Thomas Jefferson (Monticello Kitchen Garden). This aubergine [...]

  • 30 seeds 3.40€

Delgold Tobacco - Tobacco seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Delgold Tobacco by Kokopelli Association. This variety is characterised by its resistance to small frosts of more than a week. This tobacco vari [...]

  • 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Turban Turc Maxima Squash - Pumpkin Seeds

Turkish Turban Maxima Squash is a traditional squash variety belonging to the Cucurbita maxima species. It is cultivated mainly for decorative purposes, but it also offers edible f [...]

  • 12 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€
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