Tomato seeds

Striped Zebra Mid-Season Tomato

Kokopelli's Striped Zebra mid-season tomato, also known by the scientific name Solanum lycopersicum, is an indeterminate growing tomato variety. This variety was recently developed by the renowned breeder Tom Wagner. It has unique and interesting cha [...]

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Black and Brown Boar tomato - Kokopelli

Black & Brown Boar tomato is a recently developed variety by Brad Gates of (Wild Boar Fars, California), based on a green zebra mutation. The seeds are produced by the prestigious Kokopelli brand. It is a very productive tomato plant. The fruit [...]

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Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye is a variety of tomato native to Berkeley (California) and produced by Kokopelli.. It is a cross between Cherokee Purple and Green Zebra, varieties selected by Bradley Gates of Wild Boar Farms during the 1980s. Is a well-known v [...]

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Kaleidoscopic Jewel Tomato

Kaleidoscopic Jewel tomato is a variety created by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms in Napa, California and produced by Kokopelli (France). It is highly valued by tomato breeders because it is genetically unstable. It becomes very attractive for seekers [...]

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Rancho Solito Tomato - Kokopelli

Alchimia is pleased to present Rancho Solito tomato, a variety native to New Mexico (US) developed by Lee Goodwin looking for earlier tomato varieties. It is a cross between a wild variety and Stupice tomato. It produces small round tomatoes of 20-4 [...]

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