Black and Brown Boar tomato - Kokopelli

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Black & Brown Boar tomato is a recently developed variety by Brad Gates of (Wild Boar Fars, California), based on a green zebra mutation. The seeds are produced by the prestigious Kokopelli brand.

It is a very productive tomato plant. The fruit is a little larger than the Black zebra, up to 120gs. It has dark earthy tones, with some lobes. The pulp is dense, dark in colour and with a sweet and mild flavour, with a slight acidity touch.

It is highly appreciated it the kitchen because its versatility. It can be used in a variety of dishes, such as salads, sauces, and main dishes.

Black and Brown Boar tomato, cultivation

It is a vigorous plant with dense foliage. It is sown in the seedbed after the last frost. It is advisable to choose a sunny and well-drained cultivation land. The plants should be separated at least 50cm. It requires medium watering. The harvest is done from June to October in the Northern Hemisphere.

The ripe fruit lasts a long time on the plant without losing its organoleptic or textural qualities.

Properties of Black and Brown Boar tomato - Kokopelli

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