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Alchimia presents the Armenian Serpent Cucumber, AKA Armenian Painted Serpent Cucumber or simply Serpent Cucumber (Cucumis melo sp. flexuosus). It is an old cucumber variety distinguished by a long, cylindrical, light green fruits with longitudinal grooves. The cucumbers have a mild, never bitter, slightly sweet taste, which makes them delicious in many culinary preparations.

It is a very ancient cucumber variety, providing a certain authenticity and rich history. The fruits can reach up to 1m in length, yet it is generally recommended to harvest them earlier to obtain a better quality. These cucumbers are appreciated for a mild, never bitter, and slightly sweet taste which distinguishes them from traditional varieties.

To grow these cucumbers, you can sow them in pots at a temperature between 18-20°C about 6 weeks before planting them in open ground. Alternatively, they can be direct sown in open ground when conditions are favourable. Sowing times vary according to the method chosen, ranging from March to June.

Armenian serpent cucumbers are ready to harvest from June to October, providing a long collecting period. There is the option of growing them in open ground or in a greenhouse, making sure to expose them to a good amount of sunlight for optimal growth. They require a medium water supply, so regular watering is essential for optimal results.

The ideal soil is a sandy and humusy nature, fresh and loose. Armenian Serpent Cucumber, Cucumis melo sp. Flexuosus, is classified as a mid-season variety, which means that it matures in an average period of time. Each sachet contains 25 seeds. Cucumbers are light green in colour and the plants generally reach up to 60-100cm, with a runner habit so they require space to develop properly.

Armenian Painted Serpent Cucumber is a fascinating cucumber variety with a mild flavour and crunchy texture. It is ideal for gardeners looking for a unique and authentic culinary experience. Its ancient history and distinctive character make it an interesting choice for those who wish to grow unusual cucumbers.

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