Red-fleshed Pineapple Melon

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Kokopelli Red-fleshed Pineapple Melon is a cucumis melo variety that captivates with its rustic charm and deliciously sweet taste. The fruits are small, usually weighing around 300-500g, yet bursting with flavour. They have a unique appearance, with a greenish-grey skin lightly flecked with white, giving the impression of small, subtly coloured planets.

But the real magic lies inside these little treasures. The flesh is deep red, firm and incredibly juicy. Every bite is an explosion of sweetness reminiscent of pineapple, hence the name.

To grow these luscious melons, you can choose a trellis to support them, an interesting option to save space or simply add an aesthetic dimension to your garden.

Cultivation follows similar recommendations to those of Kokopelli Green Climbing Melon, ideally starting in pots 6 weeks before planting in open ground. The planting period is from March to May, depending on your preferences and the region you live in. The harvest, which is an exciting time for any gardener, can extend from July to October, giving you a steady supply of delicious melons.

Red-fleshed pineapple melon also needs a lot of sun and heat to reach maturity, so a sunny exposure is essential. As for the soil, it prefers a calcareous, humus-rich, well-drained and light soil, just like its green climbing counterpart.

Red-fleshed pineapple melon is an intriguing and tasty melon variety that will reward you with its unique berries and sweet pineapple flavour. Growing it can be a rewarding experience for any gardening enthusiast looking for new flavours and aesthetic appeal in the garden.

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