L.A. Vanilla Cake

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Alchimiaweb is pleased to present L.A. Vanilla Cake by Silent Seeds, a modern hybrid between Ice Cream Cake and Wedding Cake, two of the best clones coming from the US West Coast.

L.A. Vanilla Cake, superior cannabis with creamy bakery flavours

L.A. Vanilla Cake, as its name indicates, produces very smooth and complex aromas and flavours, with some phenotypes leaning more towards the sweet vanilla creaminess and others towards lemony meringue, or even a combination of both. Incredible flavours with earthy and floral notes inherited from its parentals.

It is developed from two elite clones, so its genetic expression exudes excellence, with a growth performance that confirms the high quality of this successful premium variety. It is a vigorous growing plant, with medium spaced internodes and a slender but robust structure providing an elegant appearance, even the leaf shape is slightly different to most other cultivars.

L.A. Vanilla Cake requires high nutritional intake, with sustained nourishment to achieve the plant's full potential. This 75/25 Indica Sativa hybrid responds well to optimisation techniques such as Supercropping, which boosts the already substantial yields.

L.A. Vanila Cake strain, rock hard buds and lots of resin

Outdoors it can reach up to 3m in size, yielding up to 1500g per plant, with the harvest ready in mid-late October.

Indoors it yields up to 550-600g per m2, with the harvest ready in about 60-65 days of flowering. It produces a high density of buds, which makes it one of the most sought after quality genetics, certainly not sacrificing quality for yield or vice versa.

It expresses champion pedigree from the start of flowering, with an impressive resin coating sometimes with purple hues. Certainly flowers so resinous that they look like they are soaked in sugar. As flowering progresses, one can enjoy a real trichome party.

LA Vanilla Cake is delicious, beautiful and productive. A true future star of the cannabis dispensaries, added to the potency of its effect, with a THC level of around 20-25%.

It offers an initially cerebral high that progress to an involving and long-lasting physical effect thanks to its Indica dominance. Very potent effects that can surprise even informed and experienced users. It is recommended for use late in the day or after daily tasks, because its consumption can take us far on a psychoactive trip.

Undoubtedly one of the best modern hybrid genetics to be discovered at Alchimia!

Silent Seeds L.A. Vanilla Cake info:

  • Type: Feminised cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Ice Cream Cake x Wedding Cake
  • 75 / 25 Indica Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: Mid-late October
  • THC content: high
  • Indoor yield: high
  • Outdoor yield: very high

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