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Mystical Green

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Mystical Green by Terra Power is part of the range of products aimed at the protection and stimulation of the root system. It contains humic and fulvic acids, as well as natural bioactive substances.

In addition to the physiologically active ingredients of organic origin, this product contains a balanced microbial composition that enhances plant growth.

With Mystical Green a better root development is achieved, improving the plant's resistance to high temperatures and drought .

Composition of Mystical Green by Terra Power

Humic acids, fulvic acids, beneficial microflora – Trichoderma viride, T.harzianum, T. asperellum, Bacillus pasteurii, Pseudomonas putida, P. chlororaphis – CFU 107.

How to use Terra Power's Mystical Green

Mystical Green can be applied throughout the life of plants at a dose of 2ml/l. It is compatible with both chemical/mineral and organic products for plant protection, and is also suitable for hydroponic systems.

Terra Power's Mystical Green features

  • Contains: Humic and fulvic acids and beneficial microbial life
  • Dosage: 2ml/l (full cycle)
  • Suitable for all growing systems and substrates

Properties of Mystical Green

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