Northern Light

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It is said that the Northern Lights marijuana strain arose from the American west coast, from 11 different seeds.

The genetics of this seed was crossed, both crosslinked and hybridized over the years that the exact gene is unknown.

According to the legend, the Northern Lights was a purely Indica plant of Afghanistan, but there are other versions praying that intervened in the creating some Thai genetics.

The strain of Northern Light feminized from Royal Queen Seeds is born from the original Northern Lights, but it has been crossed with Sativa genetics, as shown by the visible traits of the plant; its leaves are long and thin, distinctive of sativa, and it has a wide internodal space.

In indoors growing it can reach 1.2 meters, but outdoors it may even reach 2 meters high.

During the bloom, it begins to reveal the Indica plant traits, forming dense flowers coated with resin throughout the plant, but adding to that morphology a leafy main tail .

Its average yield is 40-50 grams per plant or 500 grams per square meter under 600 watt bulbs.

In outdoor cultivation, the performance colud be up to 100 grams per plant, but for this, it is needed the warm and pleasent climate typical of southern Spain, California or North Africa. With a full sun and with adequate food and water, the Northern Lights will grow like a tree and will offer a great result yield, with a flowering of just 8 weeks.

The effect is first euphoric, and powerful narcotic then, very typical of Afghani strain, so that it is possible that will leave you lying on the couch.

Features of Northern Light:

  • Genetics: Northern light x Sativa
  • Headroom: 80-120cm
  • Overall Height: 2 meters
  • Flowering: 8 weeks
  • Yield: 50-60 gr / plant
  • THC: Medium - High

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