Early Skunk Feminized - Sensi Seeds
Early Skunk Feminized - Sensi Seeds
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Early Skunk Feminized - Sensi Seeds

Due to its excellent results and reliable performance, Early Skunk could be said to be the best all-terrain strain from the Outdoor collection of Sensi Seeds. It is now available as a feminised strain, so that growers no longer have to remove males at the beginning of the flowering period. Like the original, Early Skunk feminized seeds produce resistant plants, fast and amazingly shiny, producing bountiful and dense yields, with frosted buds in virtually any climate.

Early Skunk feminized seeds put together the bulk and vigour of the Skunk #1 with the oudoor strength of Early Pearl, it's a 100% turbo female marijuana hybrid that grows easily in the garden, on the balcony, or anywhere with direct sunlight.

Until recently, outdoor growers with short summers were unable to grow Skunks and other powerful cannabis hybrids to their full potential. To avoid bad weather at the end of outdoor seasons, which could cause fungus problems in the extra-dense Skunk buds, growers in temperate climates were usually forced to collect their most exotic plants before flowering reached its peak.

Early Skunk was created to address this problem, offering northern growers a perfect solution to this perennial dilemma. The influence of the Early Pearl genes allow Early Skunk to finish weeks before Skunk #1, and greatly increases the strain resistance to mildew and fungus. The appearance of this remarkable outdoor hybrid as a reliable, uniform feminised strain is the latest advance in the perfection of Early Skunk: it is powerful, productive, hardy, easy to grow and now has no risk of producing male plants!

Indica traits dominate the growth pattern of this feminized Early Skunk, providing a solid flower formation, coated with resin, as well as producing huge yields.

The Sativa side of Early Skunk gives an extra 'run' in its thick branches, and is much more noticeable when smoked, producing a soft, floating high that combines and lifts the warm and powerful Skunk effect, reaching new and interesting places.

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