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Old Congo

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Old Congo is a Sativa genetics Cannabis, plant of the most stimulant and entertaining of the market.

To create this devastating hybrid Tropical Seeds Company brought together two pure genetics of excellent quality, the mystical Congo Pointe Noire, and the electrical strain Old Timers Haze, obtaining so a crossing with a a purely high effect and a significant vegetative vigor.

Since growth, Old Congo expresses its full potential sativa, producing long and fine leaves, as well as well developed numerous branches. Its vigorous growth is followed by a quiet long flowering period during which the plants continues growing, so it is recommended to limit the growth time, or practice different prunings, and stake the plants , so that they don't acquire a too large volume: in this sense Old Congo will be an excellent candidate for Scrog growing because their sturdy branches will give a very good horizontal development.

Once flowering begins, we will have to wait two to three weeks before you can see the first buds, and it can continue growing during the first month of flowering, it is advisable therefore to fertilise with nitrogen, without overdosing, to prevent that plants suffer deficiencies at the beginning of the cycle which will affect the final yield.

Old Congo will form flowers along its branches, like small golf balls and the ripening needs usually 10 or 12 weeks before we can harvest its lush flowers that will be surrounded by few leaves, the buds are mainly composed of resinous calyxes of considerable size.

The organoleptic traits of this strain range between citric sour, carrot, leather and spices, reminding easily to the Haze, which is transcribed perfectly in the mouth.

The effect is perfectly accurate to the parental Old Timer Haze and Pointe Noire Congo, stimulating, electric and euphoric, it will be long-lasting and, though it usually don't produces undesirable effects (anxiety, paranoia, tachycardia ....) excessive consumption may can cause a severe sense of introspection, which depending on the karma of each one can reach destabilize certain users.

Features of Old Congo from Tropical Seeds Company:

  • Name: Old Congo
  • Genetics: Old Timer Haze x Congo Pointe Noire
  • Type: Regular
  • Proportion Sativa Indica 100% Sativa
  • Flowering time on indoor: 10 to 12 weeks
  • Harvest time on outdoor: October
  • THC level: High
  • Indoor yield: Medium-high

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