Desktop Flexible Magnifying Glass

The close observation of your cannabis plants is essential to prevent parasite attacks or to detect the appearance of mould, it is also a very useful accessory to view the condition of the trichomes on the flowers and determine the optimal moment for [...]

  • 15.20€

Dank 420 glass jar with LED light and magnifying glass

We are glad to present in our catalogue at Alchimiaweb.com the Dank 420 glass jars with LED and magnifier. They are perfect for storing and curing your cannabis harvest, allowing us to observe their evolution clearly without having to open the jar. [...]

  • Black (Product sold out)19.00€
  • Green19.00€

Clip Magnifier 90mm Flexo

Alchimia invites you to discover this highly useful magnifying glass with clip in our Optical catalogue This magnifying glass is ideal for clipping onto the corner of a table to examine our cannabis buds and extractions in detail. Its flexible tub [...]

  • 16.00€

Cannabis Analyzer Higrade Scope

Alchimia presents the HiGrade microscope which, thanks to its special app, will turn your smart phone into a powerful analytical tool to determine the maturity and potency of your cannabis plants, as well as to detect and identify potential insect an [...]

  • (Product sold out)59.90€

Table Magnifier 107mm Flexo

Check out this 107mm table magnifier now available in our online optics catalogue here at Alchimiaweb. This magnifying glass can be placed on a table and has a flexible tube to position the optics as needed. Equipped with 2 LEDs, it makes it possib [...]

  • 14.50€

Table Magnifier (x20)

Small but powerful, this x20 magnifying glass is very easily transportable and stable, it can be set up on a table to accurately study the samples. It is supplied in a small protective case and offers neutral lighting with three LEDs ideally placed t [...]

  • (Product sold out)12.00€

Microscope 50x - 80x

Precision microscope equipped with an adjustable LED light that can be rotated to illuminate the parts of the plant to be observed. This microscope has a magnification of 50x to 80x. The focus is fine-tuned using the small white knob on the front o [...]

  • (Product sold out)11.00€

Pocket LED magnifier 60x with mobile clip

Alchimia presents this small 60x LED pocket magnifier with a clip to attach to the mobile phone. This device is compatible with all smartphones models. This practical pocket magnifier will allow us to observe the trichomes development and to be able [...]

  • 9.95€ 8.95€

Digital microscope usb 15-200x

Small digital microscope usb powered. This little tool will allow us to increase our samples, whether it be of flowers, to see the state of maturation of trichomes, or insect plague. It has a software for the computer that interprets and stores, if [...]

  • 74.00€

LUMAGNY 60x - 100x pocket microscope

Pocket microscope with light (battery operated) with 60x - 100x image magnification.LUMAGNY microscopes are compact, resistant and very easy to use; simply adjust the focus by turning the wheel. [...]

  • 22.00€

Pocket LED Microscope

This pocket lens is the ideal tool if we want to check the condition of the trichomes and know when our cannabis plants are ready to be harvested. It is also highly useful for detecting all types of pests or diseases. This magnifier has two bright [...]

  • 45x6.00€ 5.40€
  • 60x7.50€ 6.70€

MAGNIFIER - 5 x magnification

This loupe Magnifier - 5 x magnification is ideal to check, among other things, whether or not your marijuana buds are ripe enough and ready to cut. This Magnifier is small (5.5 cm x 3.5 cm), very handy and versatile, so that you can take it with yo [...]

  • 5.00€

Purpl Pro Cannabinoids Tester

Purpl Pro, "Instant Cannabis Potency Measurement", is the flagship product of Purpl Scientific. It is an electronic device to measure the THC and CBD levels of marijuana buds in just 10 seconds, providing information on the potency of the flowers har [...]

  • 1,995.00€

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