The Shisha, Hookah, or Cachimba is a traditional waterpipe, invented about 600 years ago in India, China or Egypt - exact origin is unknown, but has been in use in those countries since many time ago- and was specially designed to taste and savor aromatic herbs or tobacco flavored with sweet molasses.

Its water filter cools and filters the smoke through bubbles, making the vapor of molasses and the roasted tobacco/marijuana release all its flavor, with large, soft and fresh puffs.

The ignition system, that uses an incandescent coal - these burns more easily with a blue flame burner -, is basic but effective. Situate it on the pot, being separated from molasses by a grid or a special perforated foil, so it will not be in direct contact with the tobacco or marihuana , but will bring closer the heat to its maximum to the mixture, releasing all aromas.

Discover the full range of hookahs, coals, essences, flavors and aroma stones in this corner of the Alchimia web.

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Perforated Aluminium foil for Shisha

Perforated Aluminium foil for Shisha

Round pieces of circular perforated aluminum foil, designed to be positioned above the bowl, placing thereon the burning shisha coal . Very useful to avoid having to cut the aluminium paper and prepare it every time, in each box are 100 units, ready [...]

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