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Shisha Junior High Quality Silver Stem

Starter kit with a Shisha of 30cm high, made of a glass base with decorative painted motifs and good stability The conduit is of stainless steel, and thus the downstem which remains in the water, as the same conduct they're screwed between them and [...]

  • (Product sold out)36.50€

Shisha Dutch Sary Hookah

Compact Shisha of 25cm height, with wide and high glass base, to store quiet water to hydrate well the smoke or steam. Very decorative, is perfect for smoking marijuana.This vase is really stable, helping to avoid unintentional falls by blows or pull [...]

  • Black (Product sold out)30.00€
  • Red (Product sold out)30.00€
  • Green (Product sold out)30.00€

Shisha Junior Flame 2 hoses

Shisha with two hoses of 47 cm high, with thick glass base decorated with flame designs, available in three colours. This water pipe type Hookah is the most decorative when it's not in use, being at the same time highly functional, both for smoking [...]

  • Black (Product sold out)26.00€
  • Red (Product sold out)26.00€
  • Green (Product sold out)26.00€

Shisha Pumpkin Hookah of 27 cm with 2 hoses

Shisha with base in Pumpkin style so-called for its appearance, that reminds that vegetable. This water pipe, type hookah measures 27cm, and has a fully-metal made duct, easy to unscrew and remove for its cleaning. It has fixed ashtray, ideal for [...]

  • Green (Product sold out)15.00€

Shisha Pumpkin Hookah 24cm

Small Shisha of 24 cm with glass base Pumpkin type, available in 3 colours to choose. The pipe, gaskets and the ashtray are made of metal, and are easily removable for its cleaning. The Gaskets are sealed with rubber washer to prevent air leaks and [...]

  • Red (Product sold out)10.00€

Molasses for shisha

Aromatic molasses for hookah in a herbal base, without tobacco and completely free of nicotine or tar. This mix of elements will allow you to enjoy fruity flavors in your hookah, but eliminating the nicotine from the equation, with which also we wi [...]

  • Anise 50g (Product sold out)3.00€
  • Mint 50g (Product sold out)3.00€
  • Mix Fruit 50g (Product sold out)3.00€

Shiazo steam stones

Shiazo is a revolutionary product in the world of essences for shisha, given that it doesn't contains nicotine, and is equivalent to the liquid loads of electronic cigarettes. Its ingenious design makes it very interesting, allowing you to enjoy its [...]

  • Strawberry 125g (Product sold out)6.00€
  • Apple 125g (Product sold out)6.00€
  • Passionfruit 125g (Product sold out)6.00€
  • Mint 125g (Product sold out)6.00€
  • Cherry 125g (Product sold out)6.00€
  • Mango 125g (Product sold out)6.00€

Dutch Coal 10 units

Coal for shisha of 22mm in diameter (size to choose), designed to turn on quickly and simply, and with a duration that allow smoking to two or three people, or for longer individual sessions . The duration is greater than with the coals for shisha o [...]

  • 22mm (Product sold out)2.00€

Tweezers for Shisha

Flexible metal tweezers to turn on the shisha coal.With this tooal and a blue flame lighter we can hold the coal while we turn it on, avoiding so burn us with the sparks from the ignition. [...]

  • (Product sold out)1.50€

Perforated Aluminium foil for Shisha

Round pieces of circular perforated aluminum foil, designed to be positioned above the bowl, placing thereon the burning shisha coal . Very useful to avoid having to cut the aluminium paper and prepare it every time, in each box are 100 units, ready [...]

  • 7.20€

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