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Spicy CBD / SuperJuani - Philosopher Seeds

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Spicy CBD / SuperJuani, from Philosopher Seeds Golo Line, is a marijuana plant of excellent quality,a cross between Respect 15 and Juanita la Lagrimosa which was then backcrossed with the Juanita. The resulting strain has powerful haze and incensed taste, with aniseed and earthy undertones that are a true delight for your palate.

It is a Sativa variety with vigorous growth and long internodes, often being a tall plant with great stability between phenotypes. It is ideal for indoor growing given the small differences in height. Its leafs are large and light green, with long leaflets.

When the bloom phase begins, we will notice a considerable stretch. Indoors we can control its height by pruning the tops of the branches and thus create a plant with many colas, ideal for growing in SCROG setups.

Spicy CBD / SuperJuani growing description:

Outdoors, in case of need, you can control its height by pruning and bending its branches. As usual, its production will depend on the final size of the plant, being an average-high yielder.

If you want to harvest smaller plants it is advisable to grow them from the first week of July, while if you need larger plants you can germinate it in early spring.

It will be ready for harvest after 60/70 days - indoors - and during the second week of October outdoors.

During its flowering period we will discover an excellent cannabis hybrid thanks to its superb parentals and the breeding work, focused on keeping the aromas and flavours of this valuable marijuana strain.

Its effect is much appreciated by cannabis users seeking in the marijuana plant a mind and body sense of well-being, with which you can work and perform your daily tasks with ease.

2nd Classified at the Cannabis Masters Tournament with a 8.5% CBD ratio.

Spicy CBD / Superjuani - Philospher Seeds features:

  • Genetics: Respect # 15 x Juanita Lagrimosa
  • 70% sativa / 30% indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 60-70 days
  • Outdoor flowering: Mid October
  • Indoor yield: Medium
  • Outdoor yield: Medium / High
  • THC content: 8%
  • CBD content: 8%
  • 1:1 THC:CBD ratio

Opinions about Spicy CBD / SuperJuani - Philosopher Seeds and questions


Andreas 19-06-2020
Hello, 19th June today. Is it too late to plant and grow this outdoors on a balcony and harvest in October? Thanks

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 19-06-2020
Hi Andreas, thanks for your comment and question. No, it's not too late to get started for this season. If you're in the northern hemisphere then your plants, generally speaking, won't start to flower until mid-August so you've got nearly 2 months of vegetative growth before that point, meaning you can still get decent sized plants and a respectable harvest, providing you don't choose slow-growing genetics, anyway!!! I hope that helps, best wishes for the season and happy growing!!!

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