Terp Hogz Genetics

Terp Hogz Genetics

Plantinum Seeds - Terp Hogz is a US seed bank well-known for being the creators of the famous Zkitllez marijuana variety. This variety has won many prizes and awards in a short period of time for its outstanding qualities; it is a powerful and delicious plant with an unusual terpene profile.

This seed bank presents powerful and delicious hybrids created with Zkittlez genetic base, seeking to provide new cannabinoid and terpene profiles reminiscent of this great variety. To produce these new regular cannabis varieties, such as Caramel Pinaz, elite clones such as In the Pines have been used.

Grapefruitz is another variety that has inherited Zittlez characteristics and also acquired Grapefruit Bubblegum features, other plant with a great terpene profile. The result is a Sativa dominant plant with high THC levels of 25% and a surprising grapefruit gum taste.

Pellezino is another great variety, particularly for good taste lovers. This plant offers sweet orange goodies flavours mixed with earthy notes inherited from the powerful Og Kush, Tangie and Zkittlez families.

Z3 is the old and new genes combination, offering an Indica dominant Zkittlez version by adding new features from Afghan strains, such as Hindu Kush. The Zkittlez flavour is maintained with earthy and floral additions that pop the taste buds with high psychoactive power.

The Azucar, is a powerful and delicious hybrid created in three-way between Sugaree (C99 x ECSDv3) x Z3 (Zkittlez x Hindu Kush BC3) x Zkittlez. It is a 50/50 Indica Sativa hybrid that offers a passion fruit aroma and taste with a high production and a powerful effect.

Pure American genetics for you to enjoy!

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