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Cannaboom's Boker 2 is a fabulous flowering enhancer ideal to use from after the photoperiod change to mid flowering to help the plant create better branching and a powerful first flush, creating more flowers and good bud swelling. It contains all the necessary nutrients, both primary and secondary, so that the plant will not lack anything and not suffer any deficiencies.

Boker 2 flowering enhancer improves the structure, quantity and size of flowers

It has been formulated for nutrition in the second life span of plants when they still need nitrogen to perform post-photoperiod stretching stretching, but which in turn begin to create the first flowers and the first fattening section of the buds . With Boker 2 a good stretch is achieved, branched and with resistant plants and a good supply of phosphorus and potassium for the creation of buds.

Cannaboom Boker 2, lots of big compact buds

The fertilizer must be previously diluted in a small container with warm water to mix well, avoiding lumps that can clog the droppers. After diluting it, it is mixed in the irrigation tank . Once the product has been mixed, reduce the PH as needed.

It should be noted that in hydroponic systems it is necessary to reduce the dosages by half and preferably control the PH and EC of the irrigation water.

The contribution of these nutrients should be made during week 1 to 4 of flowering with a dosage of 0.5 to 1g per litre or 5 to 10g per 10L. From week 4 onwards, Boker 3 should be used to finish the flowering of cannabis plants.

Boker 2 is complemented by Boker 1 and Boker 3 .

Composition of Boker 2 by Cannaboom

  • Nitrogen: 2%
  • Soluble phosphorus: 15%
  • Soluble potassium: 10%
  • Magnesium: 1%
  • Boron: 1%

Features of Cannaboom Boker 2

  • Solid water soluble fertiliser
  • Quantity: 600g
  • Period of use: 1 to 4 weeks of Flowering
  • Plant structure improvement after photoperiod change
  • More buds and bigger

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