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Companion plants establish a symbolic relationship with other plants to the benefit of both.

This is positive association contributes to a good plant growth and development. Depending on the type of association, it can influence the plants' taste and aroma.

An example is nettle growth, which, when cultivated near aromatic plants, enhances their aroma and the essential oils quality obtained from these plants.

Companion plants should be placed close to the plants they interact with.

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Organic Amposta Onion - Les Refardes

Allium cepa Amposta Onion is a late onion variety. Cultivated in a light soil it will grow much better. The bulbs are medium sized and vio [...]

  • ± 300 seeds 3.75€

Organic Cornet Onion - Les Refardes

Allium cepa The Cornet Onion develops good-sized bulbs, flat and wheel-shaped. Its colours range from pink to white. Highly appreciated for its [...]

  • ± 275 seeds (Out of stock) 3.75€

Purple Perfume Tobacco

Alchimia is happy to present Purple Perfume Tobacco by Kokopelli Association. This variety is usually cultivated at the edge of or at the fringe of vegetable gardens to attract pol [...]

  • 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€
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