Chem Kush (GMO)

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Alchimia is happy to present Chem Kush by Philosopher Seeds, a variety in limited edition, encounter between two US elite clones. A cannabis strain with an incredible power, extravagant aromas, and enormous potential for extractions. It is now available in our feminised seeds catalogue.

Chem Kush Cannabis Strain: GMO x Bubba Kush

Philosopher Seeds presents to the public the Chem Kush seeds in Limited Edition, a cross between GMO and Bubba Kush, two elite clones.

The parental GMO, also called Chem Cookies or Garlic Cookies, is a hybrid between Chem D x Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut). It is considered one of the 10 best varieties of cannabis by the US magazine High Times. It is a very powerful plant that can reach a THC level up to 30%. It is not recommended for occasional smokers. It offers a high flower yield reaching easily up to 600g per m2 of dense and large buds. It delivers a high return in concentrates production. Its gland quality makes it a favourite variety for many hashish and rosin lovers thanks to its wonderful texture and aromas.

GMO terpenes are a Chemdog standard, with a strong aroma that forces growers to keep their indoor carbon filters in good condition. Its flowers give off a gassy aroma very similar to Boletus Edulis, and which can sometimes also remind us of garlic.

The other Chem Kush parental, Bubba Kush elite cutting, has been kept for many years due to its remarkable characteristics. It is an Indica variety with a strong structure, large leaf, and rock-hard buds. It is a legendary cut that is highly valued by the cannabis community for its earthy and sweet aromas.

Chem Kush by Philosopher Seeds, productive cannabis

Chem Kush is a 50% Indica hybrid with a much shorter flowering period than GMO and a much more contained growth. It adapts more easily to indoor cultivation and small spaces, showing the best characteristics inherited from of its parentals.

In indoor cultivation, it completes flowering in about 65 days in a 12/12 photoperiod, with more than satisfactory production. It offers a yield that easy exceeds 500g per m2 in a 120cm x 120cm grow tent. Outdoors it offers a yield of up to 400g per plant (much more in soil), and it is ready to harvest at mid-October.

Chem Kush strain, 5-star hashish

Chem Kush stands out in the concentrate category. Its large gland size and return, it satisfies the expectations of any drysift gourmet. Iceolatorand dryhash maintains the strong terpenes, with a malleable and oily texture, melting easily with just the fingers heat. Chem Kush is a 5-star hash plant.

Chem Kush, powerful cannabis with a THC level up to 30%

Chem Kush aromas are strong and extravagant. The terpene is basically Chemdog but much more refined due to the Bubba Kush contribution. It could be said that we are dealing with a much sweeter and earthier GMO hybrid.

Chem Kush can reach THC levels above average, close to 30%. It delivers an effect that can be devastating even for smokers with high tolerance. It is not convenient to underestimate its effects, laughter and good vibes can become a long afternoon on the couch, having to cancel all planned plans. If its smoke is handled with caution, it is an ideal variety for any type of social activity that does not require much concentration, otherwise it can become a very introspective tool.

Chem Kush Strain, grow tips

It is advisable to prune the lower branches and stake the main branches. Chem Kush flowers are dense and heavy. As for nutrients, it does not like excesses and prefers light substrates. It does not like substrates loaded with salts.

Philosopher Seeds GMO x Bubba Kush info:

  • Genetics: GMO x Bubba Kush
  • Type: Feminised cannabis seeds
  • Genotype: Indica Sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: October
  • THC content: Very High (>25%)
  • Indoor yield: High (500g per m2)
  • Outdoor yield: High (>400g per plant)

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Opinions about Chem Kush (GMO) and questions


Hippy John 11-03-2023 Do you have any kind of guarantee for seeds? I'm new to this so I have no idea. Thanks!!!


Alchimia Grow Shop 14-03-2023

Hello, there is no guarantee for seeds but you can contact our customer service if you have any problem with your purchase. Best regards!

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