LEC CMH Grow Tent Kits

In this category you'll find Grow Tent Kits with LEC/CMH lamps including all the kit and accessories you'll need to carry out a complete indoor grow.

The new LEC/CMH lighting systems are quickly becoming more and more popular with indoor cannabis growers, thanks to their outstanding characteristics, such as the broad light spectrum offered by CMH lamps compared to conventional HPS bulbs.

In this section we offer high quality cultivation kits comprised of the best LEC/CMH lighting systems. These lights offer generous harvests while reducing power consumption, delivering yields that can exceed 1.6g per watt. CMH lighting kits are available for all power levels, 315w, 630w & 1000w.

In addition to the grow tent and the various ceramic discharge lighting systems, each kit includes an extractor, carbon filter, air duct, thermohygrometer, support pulleys, fans, timers, bulbs, connection cables, etc.

With these complete kits you can save up to 20% off the price of items when bought separately, because we strongly believe that high quality needn't carry a high price.


LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w KIT + Alchibox 100

We present this excellent grow tent Kit with a Lumatek Aurora 315w CMH LEC lighting system. The next generation of lighting technology, perfect for high quality cultivation in a 100x100x200cm grow tent. The kit comes with everything you'll need to pr [...]

  • (Out of stock)610.91€ 580.36€

LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w KIT + 120 Grow Tent

The LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w kit+ 120x120x200cm grow tent has been designed for growers who are looking for a quality cultivation equipment. Taking advantage of the great benefits of CMH lights as opposed to the HPS bulbs and in addition looking f [...]

  • (Out of stock)628.91€ 597.46€

Kit Lumatek Aurora 2 x 315w + Alchi Box 240L

Here at Alchimia we are happy to present this grow tent kit with two LEC or 315w CMH Aurora lamps. It has been designed for cannabis growers interested in using two LEC/CMH lamps on their crops. The new LEC/CMH lighting kits significantly reduce your [...]

  • 1,305.53€ 1,240.25€

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