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Master Kush

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The Master Kush cannabis strain, from Humboldt Seeds, is now available in Alchimia's catalog of feminized seeds. This Kush elite clone - now in seed form - is a truly high yielder, developing dense and compact buds in just 9 weeks of flowering.

This classic Californian strain is a 90% Indica - 10% Sativa cannabis hybrid, coming from the cross between an Indica line from the Hindu Kush mountains and a very strong and vigorous Skunk phenotype.

The resulting hybrid - Master Kush - quickly became a point of reference in the cannabis scene, grown and bred by many people over the years.

To create Master Kush, Humboldt Seeds crossed this Old School genetics with their Emeral OG line to get regular seeds of the cross, beginning then a selection and breeding process that took 4 generations of backcrossing.

In this way the queen of the Indicas was found, a bushy plant that develops many branches and wide leaves and aquires beautiful colorations throughout its life, from green to purple and with extraordinary orange hues.

It doesn't stretch much during the flowering stage and doesn't grow much tall, though it develops a spectacular root system that allow it to take all the needed nutrients. It doesn't need large amounts of Nitrogen.

Its buds are large, round and dense, and become quickly covered with a thick layer of resin glands . The taste is intense, reminiscent of pepper and with earthy, floral and citric undertones. The effect is physical, relaxing and narcotic, stimulating appetite while producing a peaceful state of mind.

Master Kush from Humboldt Seeds features:

  • Genetics: Master Kush x Emerald OG
  • Type: Feminized seeds
  • 90% Indica - 10% Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor yield: 500gr/m2
  • Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: Mid October

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