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Alchimia presents Arkhas PK Booster by The Hype, an important ally to obtain abundant harvests. This product is now available in our cannabis nutrient products catalogue.

Arkhas is a product that stimulates flowering, increases the plants size and improves yields. Thanks to its special formulation and used in conjunction with other The Hype products, plants develop optimally with the nutrients needed for a spectacular bloom.

The Hype Arkhas PK Booster

Arkhas PK Booster contains macronutrients specially selected for their ability to improve plants flowering. It also contains algae containing important phytohormones concentrations such as auxins and cytokinins. These are very important elements in the flower and fruit development. PK Booster activates faster flowering thanks to its gibberellin content.

In addition to promoting flower production, algae also stimulate general plant health, protecting it from the stress that can occur during cultivation. Furthermore, they improve the nutrient absorption. Boron and Molybdenum content ensures that flowers develop optimally, offering an abundant harvest and intense organoleptic qualities.

The Hype Arkhas, larger and stickier flowers

The Hype Arkhas PK Booster is formulated with totally bioavailable elements for plants, that is, by the organic biomolecules action coming from the micro-organisms fermentation.

The Hype Arkhas PK Booster is applied when the flowers emerge, approximately 2 weeks after the photoperiod changes, always depending on the cultivated variety. It is applied 0.5-1.0ml/L of water until initiating the rinsing about 2-3 weeks before harvesting.

The Hype has had the opportunity to conduct large scale trials in sunflower seed crops. Production increased by 170% and oil produced by 155%. In addition to all this, a more sustainable cultivation for the environment is achieved.

The Hype Arkhas PK booster info:

  • PK Booster
  • Contains macronutrients, algae extracts, bore and molybdenum
  • Stimulates flowering
  • Increase harvest
  • Improves nutrients absorption
  • Protects against stress
  • Usage on the flowering period

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