Sun System LEC 315w

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Sun System LEC 315w is a LEC lighting system created for growing cannabis indoors using new lighting technologies, based on high-performance ceramic halides and a broad light spectrum that makes them very efficient grow lamps.

The equipment consists of a 315w ballast manufactured by Philips, high frequency, square wave and high efficiency of 50/60Hz and incorporating thermal protection in case of voltage surges.

The LEC Sun System lighting system consists of a high quality reflector made from German aluminum with 98% reflective power. The sides, covered by another reflective layer, have a reflection efficiency of 95% with added textures for an excellent distribution of light over the plants.

Sun System 315w quality CMH lighting

The reflector is open in structure, to facilitate the evacuation of hot air away from the lamp, so the bulb can work at the correct temperature, thus extending its useful life.

This LEC lighting system has a high quality bulb that covers the full light spectrum required by the plant in order to provide good growth and better flowering.

The spectrum consists of far red and UV light to increase the number of trichomes and for better maturation. The flow of synthetic photons is very high at 1.9, providing 33,000 lumens and a long duration of up to 20,000h.

This lighting system is ideal for tents of up to 1.2 x 1.2m but can also be used in a smaller sized grow tent due to the small amount of heat it generates, making it an excellent option for getting high yields from small grow spaces.

Yields can be as high as 1.6 - 1.8g per watt with CMH lighting equipment, which translates into yields of up to 567 g per m2 in fully optimised gardens.

Sun System LEC 315w with Philips 3100k bulb info:

  • Lighting type: LEC/CMH
  • Power: 315w
  • Light bulb: Philips 315w
  • Lumens bulb: 33,000
  • Built-in reflector
  • Dimensions: 54.9cm x 44cm x 24.38cm

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