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ACE Seeds are very proud to present this impressive Thai landrace cannabis variety, an authentic pure tropical sativa with exotic flavours and clean, cerebral effects. Now available as regular seeds at

This pure Thai genetic line originates from the mountainous province of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand's Golden Triangle, worked by ACE Seeds over several generations to identify and preserve the plants that best express the high quality flavours and psychoactive effects typical of classic Thai sativas.

A very long-flowering variety due to its tropical origins, ACE Seeds' Thai will need from 3-4 months to complete its full maturation, with the flowers developing pronounced "foxtails" as they ripen while the trichomes and bracts swell to huge proportions. This is an entirely green-coloured variety, with plants very rarely showing any pigmentation in late flower, even in cold conditions. This Thai landrace also has very high resistance to botrytis or bud-rot.

Thai - pure tropical sativa genetics

This is an extreme tropical sativa variety, recommended for the most dedicated growers of long-flowering NLD genotypes, as well as for making hybrids or for seed production. Its vigorous growth, flexible stems and strong branching make it an ideal candidate for SCROG cultivation and for the use of pruning techniques to improve yields.

Most plants grow in a tall, slender structure with flexible branches that withstand the heavy rain downpours typical of tropical regions. Around 10-15% of plants show a more compact and robust growth structure and finish flowering a little earlier, at around 3 months, making them much more suitable for indoor cultivation although, in the opinion of the breeders, the most interesting terpenes and effects can be found in the taller, longer-flowering examples.

Cultivating Thai by ACE Seeds

When grown indoors, a flowering photoperiod of 11 hours light and 13 hours dark to speed up flowering and reduce foxtails in early bloom. During the second half of the flowering phase, it is recommended to reduce the photoperiod to 10 hours light and 14 hours dark and thus ensure full maturity of the flowers. Low levels of fertiliser are recommended throughout the life cycle of the plants.

Outdoors, a tropical or sub-tropical climate is necessary to allow Thai to develop to its full potential but good results are also possible in warm, coastal zones at latitudes around 20-37º, benefitting greatly from the protection of a greenhouse to help proper maturation. Its low nutrient requirements mean that it will be enough to make a good quality organic soil with worm compost and guano and let the plants grow naturally, without applying any additional growth stimulators or fertilisers.

Terpenes and effects of ACE Seeds' Thai

This landrace sativa has three principal terpene profiles, depending on the phenotype. The first is fresh, lemony, woody and spicy like and most classic Thai varieties. The second flavour profile has sweet, creamy and more refined floral and musky perfumes and then, a third group consisting of only 5-10% of examples which stands out for its intense strawberry aromas, unusual for Thai varieties. The dominant monoterpenes are beta mircene and terpinolene with lower quantities of beta pinene, trans ocimene, alpha pinene and limonene. The only sesquiterpene present is beta caryophyllene

The effects are as you'd expect for a pure tropical sativa, with a very cerebral high, no tolerance limits and a clean after-effect, due io it's high-THC chemotype (10-15%) with zero CBD content. This genetic line offers the full breadth of effect profiles found in Thai sativas, ranging from nice, happy and welcoming sensations, through nervous, energetic effects to more introspective or psychedelic highs.

This is a perfect choice for experienced growers seeking the most authentic and extreme expressions of Thai landrace genetics and who aren't afraid of waiting up to four months for an exquisite gourmet harvest. For those who want a taste of Thailand but aren't quite ready to make such a commitment, ACE Seeds recommends Thai hybrids such as Golden Tiger, Thai-Chi, Thai x Panama and A5 Thai Haze, more suited to indoor growing and with shorter flowering times.

ACE Seeds Thai info:

  • Genetics: 3rd-5th generation Thai landrace from Chiang Mai
  • Type: regular cannabis seeds
  • Genotype: 100% sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 12-16 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: late November/December
  • Yield: Low/Medium
  • Height: Tall
  • THC: 10-15%
  • CBG: 0.41%

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