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Vegamatrix Big N Sticky

Vegamatrix Big N Sticky is a vegan flowering stimulator, developed to maximise the yield of our cannabis crops, now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop.

This product is formulated based on organic ingredients and potassium phosphites, which act together to ensure the bioavailability of nutrients.

Potassium phosphite provides a large dose of rapidly assimilated P and K, and Kelp extract, Vitamin B1 rich yucca extract and simple and complex carbohydrates substantially increase the production of terpenoids, phenols and essential oils, improving the taste and smell of the final harvest.

This complex formula increases the production of large, clean-burning, intensely-flavoured and highly resinous buds, at the same time stimulating the immune system and natural defences of our favourite cannabis strains.

Apply in irrigation water at a rate of 1-4ml per litre.

Vegamatrix Big N Sticky info:

  • Vegan flowering stimulator
  • Allows greater flower production
  • More aromatic and cleaner flowers
  • Kelp, Yucca, carbohydrates and potassium phosphites
  • 14% available phosphoric acid P2O5
  • Potassium K2O soluble at 12%
  • Ingredients: potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, kelp extract, cassava extract, beet vinasse
  • Non-plant ingredients: 1.5% humic acid (leonardite), 0.1% vitamin B1 (thiamine), 1% corn syrup, 1% cassava extract
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Properties of Vegamatrix Big N Sticky

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