Vietnamese Mind Fuck

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Alchimia is pleased to present Vietnamese Mind Fuck from Nomad Seed Bank, a pure strain from Vietnam, coming from an old seeds collection from the breeder Reeferman. It is now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue.

Vietnamese Mind Fuck, a landrace from Vietnam

Vietnamese Mind Fuck is also known as Hoa Bac (Silver Leaf), a landrace variety with a high THC content and suitable for indoor cultivation. It is a non-hybridised plant originally from Vietnam and only available in regular format.

The breeder Reeferman obtained these seeds from a Vietnamese friend, coming from Comere, a village in Vietnam. The breeder wanted to present the best Vietnamese cannabis. In his opinion, this is the best landrace he has ever had the pleasure to cultivate.

Vietnamese Mind Fuck, cannabis with a complex and spicy aroma

Vietnamese Mind Fuck is a strong Sativa with a very similar growth to varieties from Cambodia. It has medium-long internodes and wide leaflets. Two main phenotypes can be encountered, one with a classic Sativa structure and the other with a shrubby and ramified appearance. The stretch as it passes into the flowering stage is similar to the Haze varieties. Indoors, the complex and spicy scented flowers mature in about 12-14 weeks. Outdoors the harvest is ready in November, producing high yields if provided with enough space for the roots.

It has been successfully cultivated at 40º north. Organic fungicides are recommended due to the flower density, especially in areas with high humidity levels during the flowering stage.

Vietnamese Mind Fuck is a landrace variety very suitable for the development of new hybrids and breeding projects.

Nomad Seed Bank Vietnamese Mind Fuck info:

  • Type: Regular cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Landrace from Vietnam (from an old seeds bag belonging to the breeder Reeferman)
  • Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering 12-14 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: November
  • Indoor yield: Medium
  • Outdoor yield: High
  • THC: Medium-High

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