Kit Washing machine XL + 3 meshes + cylindrical mesh

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Washing machine for making water hash XL size, designed to process a lot of grass at once, making the process easier for resin lovers.

Considerably larger than the Bubbleator washing machine, its dimensions are 83x50x45cm, with an interior space of 50x40x45cm, which allows to introduce bigger bags with more amount of grass.

With this machine a drain tube is included, which we will use to release the water from the machine once the process is completed, and this "dirty water", full of cannabis resin, is the one we have to filter with the set of three meshes Chocolizer, of 19L volume and with 2 different micron, allowing us to draw 3 qualities: 25-73microns.

As for the bags in which we'll introduce marijuana, two large bags of 3.9L volume are included, with a capacity of more than 300g.

To control the water temperature, and ensure that it doesn't overtake the 0 ° C, it is also included a thermometer with suction cup.

Features of Kit Washing machine XL + 3 meshes + cylindrical mesh:

  • 1x Washing machine XL
  • 1x Set of 3 meshes Chocolizer 25-73-220 microns
  • 2x Cylindrical Bag of 220microns of 27cm diameter x 28 high
  • 1x Thermometer with Suction Cup

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Accessories of Kit Washing machine XL + 3 meshes + cylindrical mesh

XL Thermal Cover

XL Thermal Cover

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Opinions about Kit Washing machine XL + 3 meshes + cylindrical mesh and questions


John 19-11-2015 Is an Alchimia client Found a youtube guide:


Alchimia Grow Shop 20-11-2015

Thanks for that link John!

Best vibes!


John 18-11-2015 Is an Alchimia client There was n answer that I could see. Please send me the answer direct to Thank you


Alchimia Grow Shop 19-11-2015

Hi John,

I'm sorry for that, I don't know why my answer was not showed. Using the washing machine is very easy: just fill the cylindrical mesh with frozen buds and few ice cubes and put it inside the machine. Pour very cold water and more ice and turn it on. Normally, people make several runs: 5 minutes for the first run, 7 for the 2nd, 10 for the third, etc. Just put your collection bags into a bucket and pass the water from the machine through your bags. As soon as you see your resin green and dark, you can stop making runs, there is no resin left on the green material.

Here you have a post on how to make water hash, in this case with two buckets.

Hope it helped!

Best vibes!


John 17-11-2015 Is an Alchimia client Hi, Is there a youtube or some video or instructions (in English) of how to use it. Thanks :)

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