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El cultivo ecológico del cannabis
El cultivo ecológico del cannabis
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El cultivo ecológico del cannabis

Now available in Alchimia, "El cultivo ecológico del cannabis. Un caso práctico", is a book with which you will learn the benefits of using only natural and biological marijuana growing systems andnutrients.

The organic cannabis farming system is chosen by many because of both its enviroment-friendly philosophy and the organoleptic characteristics of the harvested flowers. This type of farming avoids any kind of chemicals and focuses on conditioning the soil so that plants can develop much easier, showing their full potential.

Reviewing the history of cannabis and its farming, its different textile and manufacturing uses - the first Levi's Strauss were made of hemp fiber - this book teaches us everything we need to know to properly grow organic marijuana, either indoors or outdoors.

It also teaches us about the plant biology, to understand how it develops and which are its needs, describing then several growing techniques and how to properly manage a crop.

Besides explaining the properties of the marihuana plant, advising us on which strain to plant, it also explains his vision on the therapeutic use of cannabis , teaching us how to grow cannabis avoiding harmful chemical elements or toxic traces of any kind in the final product.

We'll also learn everything about pests and how to treat and prevent them without the use of insecticides or chemical antifungals, so we are sure that our buds are 100% clean, whether if we want to smoke it or make resin cannabis extractions, cannabis butter or cannabis oil.

ISBN 9788493795429

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