Nanolux 315w CMH LEC Fixture

The Nanolux 315w CMH Fixture is a ceramic discharge metal-halide light with an electronic ballast, a technology better known as LEC, CMH or CMD, which can produce a broad spectrum of light that simulates sunlight, from blue for compact plant growth to red and far-red for perfect flowering.

CMH lamps also deliver increased PAR per watt when compared to other HID lights (high intensity discharge). This lighting system can be used for an entire growing cycle or even as supplementary lighting in greenhouses.

The Nanolux CML 315w ballast operates at low frequency and is completely sealed. It is mounted on the side of the reflector.

The German-made, high quality Nanolux CMH Fixture reflector has a 97% light reflection index. By fitting the bulb vertically, uniform light distribution is ensured throughout the cultivation area, which does not occur when the bulbs are fitted horizontally.

Nanolux LEC/CMH lighting equipment meets ELT standards. Both the ballast and the bulb can be used with other quality 315w units, either 3100K or 4200K.

CMH or LEC equipment can produce up to 1w = 1.6g yield, consuming far less power yet generating almost the same production when compared with conventional HPS or MH lamps.

You may purchase the Nanolux CMOL LEC 315w Fixture Kit with or without a bulb. In the event that you buy the option with the bulb, it is delivered with the Nanolux CHM 315w 3100K.

Nanolux 315w CMH Fixture info:

  • Output Power: 315w
  • Input Voltage: 120-240, 277
  • Input Current: 2.6 / 1.3A
  • Bulb: SE
  • Dimming settings: None
  • PF:> 0.99
  • THDI: <10%
  • CF: <1.7
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Size: 16.5"x16.5"x 12.6"
  • Input frequency: 50/60
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